Gallery: Street art defines Louisville neighborhoods


Across Louisville’s neighborhoods, from the Highlands to Portland to NuLu and more, street art finds its home on sides of businesses, street corners and rundown buildings.

Some of the most prominent murals occupy entire buildings and intersections in the Highlands. On the side of Safai Coffee on Bardstown Road, pairs of animals share drinks and embrace. And one of the most iconic Louisville murals is the highlight feature of The Wine Market building.

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Students learn skills through art at Allentown Art Festival

Cool art “festival” idea for all communities.


BUFFALO, N.Y. — Students from five different Buffalo Public Schools were able to create, talk about their work and describe the process to others this weekend thanks to scholarships from the Allentown Village Association.

Each of the school art programs that were chosen were provided with a $1,000 grant for materials to work on their projects that went on display at the Allentown Art Festival—and were even for sale.

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Community art project promotes unity

The East Lansing Arts Commission and the East Lansing Farmers Market joined forces to help promote understanding through art on Sunday.

“It seems to be a very divisive time, a time when it’s more important to highlight where we are different and where we disagree than we are similar,” organizer Wendy Longpre said.


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The art of selling: Davenport businesses help local artists make a living

sunrise river gallery

Weeks before Bon-Ton announced Younkers stores would close across the country, Lisa Mahar quit her 11-year position with the company to pursue being a full-time artist.

“I worked in retail as a visual person for like 20 years. But it came to a point where I was just a number; I wasn’t even a face anymore,” Mahar said. “That was really scary to jump ship. I kept asking, ‘why did I do this? Why did I do this?'”

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AU team studying impact of art lessons on human brain


If you have ever taken a drawing or art class, there’s a chance you may feel different after practicing the art form for a period of time.

“If you draw and you teach drawing, you can feel that there is something unique about that experience. And if you ask any artist, and I have, they’ll agree there is something special about this process [of] visual searching,” said Barb Bondy, Auburn University art professor and co-researcher. “It’s really about learning to see in a new way.”

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Drawing on the arts

Drawing on the arts

This is not just another story about the arts in Sandpoint. It is, instead, a recognition of how the arts can reach out and touch lives and, in doing so, make a positive difference in the community.

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How Good Charlotte’s Guitarist Became One Of Marvel’s Most Prolific Artists

If you grew up in the ‘90s, chances are you know the band Good Charlotte. Bursting onto the scene with their anthem “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous,” the pop-punk quintet have spent almost two decades churning out enough hits to worry even bald assassin Agent 47.

What you might not know about Good Charlotte, however, is that their guitarist Billy Martin spends his spare time illustrating some of the world’s biggest comics.