Where to See the Mesmerizing Midnight Sun This Summer

I spent three years in Alaska and had the opportunity to live with the “midnight sun” during that time.  It’s really amazing at first but if you are trying to hold down a regular job (Husband and I were co-managers of a boutique hotel) it can be rough getting sleep if you don’t have true “black-out” shades.  I highly recommend darkening your home around 7 or 8 pm to help your body wind down and get ready for sleep.

The almost 24 hours of darkness that happens in the winter time didn’t bother me nearly as much as trying to sleep with the sun baking down on us.  Guess I have the opposite problem of seasonal disorder.  🙂

The Scottish Shetlands

If you’re one of those people who dreams of summer sunshine all year long, the midnight sun is nature’s gift you won’t want to miss.

The natural phenomenon brings extended hours of sunshine to certain destinations across the globe this time of year. In some locations at or above the Arctic Circle, the sun will even stay in the sky for 24 hours.

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Love Cheese? Here’s Where to Travel.

Cheese is a staple of many cultures. The way a region enjoys its cheese can flavor not only its dishes, but can also be a reflection of the way its people approach life. From a hearty Bavarian side dish best enjoyed in a beer garden, to a mild but flavorful Arab delicacy often shared around the table, here are some of the best ways to enjoy cheese while traveling.

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100% solar-powered Fiji resort combines 5-star luxury with sustainability

Pool Villa

Opened last month, the Six Senses Fiji comprises 24 villas, two restaurants, a lounge, a library, welcome and guest service areas and a spa. The development will soon include a total of 60 privately owned residences — 11 of which have already been completed. The five-star resort blends contemporary design with elements of traditional Fijian culture, which is celebrated in the handiwork and artwork produced by local villagers, the Rise Beyond the Reef charity and the local material palette of grass cloth wallpaper and timber.

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