Chickfactor: The Little Zine That Shaped Indie Music Culture

Gail O’Hara’s fanzine, Chickfactor, has been publishing off and on since 1992. It has outlasted many of the bands that appeared on its cover. It has outlasted the bookstores that used to stock it next to long-dead zines like Rollerderby (R.I.P.) and Punk Planet (R.I.P.). It has outlasted chillwave, blog rock and the freak folk revival. It has outlasted MySpace, Napster and OiNK. It has outlasted your favorite record store. It has outlasted the Hoboken, New Jersey, rock club where a guitarist from an indie “it” band handed me a copy of the very first issue.

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American Musical Festival in Virginia Beach announces headline acts

The Chartway Federal Credit Union 25th annual American Music Festival at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront announced today that its four headline bands will be ZZ Top, Goo Goo Dolls, Ziggy Marley and SOJA.

The festival will take place Aug. 31-Sept. 2 with the headliners on the 5th Street Main Stage and other bands on stages at 17th, 24th and 31st streets.

ZZ Top performed at the AMF in 2011, and Goo Goo Dolls headlined in 2003.

Here’s the schedule, with more bands to be announced:

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25 Essential Podcasts For Music Lovers

Podcasts are more popular than ever right now. There are countless music-related podcasts out there, but all those options can be a little daunting. So we put together a collection of essential podcasts for music lovers. Whether you’re new to podcasts or you’re just looking for a hidden gem to make a long road trip go by a little faster, you’ll find something worthwhile on this list.

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Former Amazon devices executive Ian Freed launches Bamboo Music skill for Alexa

Kids and their parents are getting a new way to use Amazon Echo devices for learning about music. And it’s coming as an Alexa skill from the person who once headed Amazon’s Echo business.

Ian Freed, who left Amazon last year, today officially launched startup Bamboo Learning and its first Alexa skill, Bamboo Music. The skill allows families to learn music theory interactively with Alexa-enabled devices. After saying “Alexa, enable Bamboo Music” or selecting the skill through the Amazon Alexa app, children listen to musical selections and are introduced to music concepts such as notes, scales, chords, tempo, dynamics, and intervals. In addition, they learn to identify the sounds of musical instruments.

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20 country music songs everyone should listen to in their lifetime

elvis presley

While country music is a genre loved by many across the United States and the world, a lot of people haven’t given it the chance it deserves.

They should though, because there are many country songs that everyone should listen to in their lifetime: not only are these songs appropriately catchy, but they also tell stories, evoke emotions, and invite listeners into their worlds.

Whether you’re new to country and don’t know where to start, or already a fan but looking for new tunes, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of 20 of the best country music songs that everyone should hear.


Instagram plotting new music stickers feature

New code suggests users will soon be able to add music to Stories

It looks like photo sharing app Instagram is plotting a new feature which will allow users to add music to their Stories.

TechCrunch reports that coding spotted inside the platform’s Android app points towards a new “music stickers” capability. Users may be able to search for specific tracks, genres or artists in the future, and their selections will most likely play in the background of Instagram Story posts.

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Mozart manuscript expected to sell for RM2.3mil

The first draft of music Mozart wrote for the last act of his opera “The Marriage of Figaro” is expected to sell for half a million euros (RM2,309,688) when it goes under the hammer in Paris.

The “exceptional” manuscript from 1786 which will be auctioned on Wednesday in the French capital comes from the peak of the composer’s career in Vienna, the auction house Ader Nordmann said.

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