B&N Starts Nationwide Book Club

Barnes & Noble is launching a nationwide book club in the spring. The Barnes & Noble Book Club will debut May 2, with Meg Wolitzer’s forthcoming novel The Female Persuasion its first title.

The club will be free, and open to all members of the public. They will take place at B&N’s 632 stores, starting at 6 p.m. local time, and be led by B&N’s booksellers.

More info @ Publishers Weekly 

“MCA is Going to Let You Borrow Its Local Art”

What a cool idea!

MCA Denver, Octopus Initiative

Do you like looking at art, but feel as if you can’t afford anything original for your own home? If that’s the case, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA) wants to fix it, at least temporarily. They’ve just announced the “Octopus Initiative” — a program where local Denver artists create original works of art for a lending library that anyone in Metro Denver can borrow from for up to one year. Launching with a party on March 15, 2018, where penny admission lets you in for just one cent between 4 and 9 p.m., the Octopus Initiative deserves a standing ovation for its inventiveness and inclusiveness. The idea comes from a desire from many in the art community to make art collecting, purchasing and appreciating more approachable. Continue reading ““MCA is Going to Let You Borrow Its Local Art””

Music & Memory: Grants help Southeast Missouri Alzheimer’s patients regain their past and present

It happens to the best of us — we’re driving in the car, shopping in the grocery store or cooking dinner in the kitchen and a song comes on that stops us in our tracks, viscerally taking us back to a moment or person from our past. For the duration of the song, we relive that moment again, experiencing those feelings, associations and memories from the time in our life when that song was important. Continue reading “Music & Memory: Grants help Southeast Missouri Alzheimer’s patients regain their past and present”

From Kurt Cobain to Adele: early demos from the biggest names in music

A pre-fame recording from Amy Winehouse was recently unearthed, defying her estate, and it’s one of many resurfaced demos giving early insight into the talents of major stars

Adele, Kurt Cobain and Madonna.

Most musicians hate fans to hear their nascent demos, those early trial balloons punctured by bum notes and bad decisions. Unfortunately, the biggest stars often don’t have a choice in the matter – especially if they happen to be dead. Such a fate befell Amy Winehouse when, last week, one of her producers took it upon himself to release an early demo he had of the singer, defying the artist’s estate, which had destroyed the initial, inferior work they possessed. Continue reading “From Kurt Cobain to Adele: early demos from the biggest names in music”

Step Inside London’s Most Stylish New Hotel

Opening to the public on May 2, L’oscar, the latest hotel project of French interior designer Jacques Garcia, gives a first look to AD. Well known for his interiors of the Hôtel Costes in Paris, La Mamounia in Marrakesh, Morocco, and the Hotel Danieli in Venice, Garcia is now putting the finishing touches on L’oscar, a new 5-star, 39–guest room hotel in the heart of London. Continue reading “Step Inside London’s Most Stylish New Hotel”