The Lego Art You Won’t See At Comic-Con This Year

You won't see this Wonder Woman mural at Comic-Con.

Some of the most interesting comic book art won’t be on display at Comic-Con this year. Instead, Wonder Woman fans will have to wait until January 2019 and go to Rancho Cordova’s Community Center in California to see the collaboration between one of the superhero’s current illustrators, Judit Tondora, and Lego sculpture artist, David Truman Tracy.

After meeting last year in Hungary, they decided to collaborate on a series of ten pieces for Comic-Con. However, because of logistical challenges, they ended up scaling down and changing venues. The show will feature Tondora’s original drawings alongside Tracy’s LEGO murals with depictions of the character as she has evolved from the 1940s to the 1970s, 1990s, and 2010s.

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Cleveland’s move to the front lines of contemporary art

"Judy's  Hand  Pavilion," 2018, by Tony Tasset

There is a reason why New York is the city for art. It has more galleries — over a thousand — than any other city around the world. It has more art museums and institutions and more art fairs. Among the top-ranked international art cities, Miami and Los Angeles aren’t very far behind.

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Worcester Art Museum offers free admission during month of August

The Worcester Art Museum will be free for the entire month of August.

The Worcester Art Museum is home to a collection of nearly 38,000 works spanning 51 centuries, including the second-largest collection of armor in the Americas since it acquired Higgins Armory collection. Next month, you can see it all for free.

The museum announced that admission will once again be free for the entire month of August.

The museum’s summertime tradition — “Free August” — includes access to special exhibitions, permanent galleries and programming including tours, Art Carts and arms and armor demonstrations.

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Sam Hinton’s illustrations of happy characters look on the bright side of life

Prominently on show at this year’s D&AD New Blood festival, on one of the many stands, we spotted the work of Sam Hinton, an illustrator and recent graduate of Falmouth University. “Since my time at school I’ve always taken my passion for drawing seriously,” he says. “Spending years filling sketchbooks I continue to explore the weird and surreal nature of my imagination.”

And weird and wonderful it really is. With a lightness and positivity resonant throughout, Sam uses a bright and colourful palette to create illustrations full of happy characters, going about their daily business. Speaking to Sam about the various pieces we’ve shared with you here, it’s clear Sam’s own character is reflected in his work. For example, for one of his illustrations, he said: “I felt inspired to create a piece that captured the rolling countryside and the warm sunset glow I often experienced whilst studying at Falmouth University. The true beauty that’s on our doorstep.”

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Your next hotel room may be smarter than you

InterContinental Hotels has teamed up with Baidu to create Smart Rooms fueled by artificial intelligence. The rooms don’t require an app or a special button. Instead guests at InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun and InterContinental Guangzhou Exhibition Centre can do things like tell their room they are “going to sleep,” and the room will recognize the phrase and know what to do with the information.

While it can’t tuck you into bed yet, it will shut the curtains and turn off the lights in the room.

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