This Might Be the Best iPhone Housing for Aspiring Surf Photographers

God bless the aspiring surf photographers among us. How anyone could look at pumping surf as a perfect opportunity to sit in the channel and take pictures of their friends getting the waves of their lives without selfishly wanting a piece of the action for themselves I’ll never know. Still, it seems these days there are more and more guys and gals willing to do just that. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s easier than ever to share photos on Instagram and the like. Or, maybe that everyone walks around with a camera in their pocket anyway nowadays (that is to say a smartphone), so using it to take photos of surfing is just a natural extension.

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What it Takes to Be a Successful TV and Film Writer, According to This 20-Year Veteran

What it Takes to Be a Successful TV and Film Writer, According to This 20-Year Veteran

Jeff Lowell can proudly call himself accomplished, having written, produced and directed features and television for over 20 years. But success didn’t happen overnight. Born in New York and raised in Arizona, Lowell left college to pursue a writing career in L.A.

After grasping the basics on the craft from books, he paid his dues by working as an assistant to more accomplished writers, eventually hired to write for “The George Carlin Show.” Several other opportunities followed, such as the “The Drew Carey Show,” “Cybil,” “Sports Night,” and “Spin City” to name a few. On the feature side, Lowell wrote “John Tucker Must Die” and “Hotel For Dogs,” and wrote and directed “Over Her Dead Body.”

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Items from Atlanta-filmed ‘Black Panther’ headed to Smithsonian

Historical artifacts tend to be placed in a museum at some point. Why should Wakandan artifacts be any different?

Objects from the Atlanta-filmed “Black Panther” movie will find a new home at the National Museum of African History and Culture, a Smithsonian Institution museum in Washington, D.C. A costume worn by star Chadwick Boseman, a script signed by director Ryan Coogler and production photos are a few of the items moving to the museum.

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