10 Books Every Foodie Needs In Their Kitchen — And None Of Them Are Cookbooks

I have a not-so-secret love of cookbooks — though, rarely, do I actually ever use them for their intended purpose: cooking. While I don’t often have the patience to regularly baste a turkey, or babysit a soufflé, or stem enough fresh thyme to meet the requirements of any recipe, what I do have the patience for is curling up with a really great book about food (and, you know, maybe a snack.) …

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The Story of Trina Robbins, the Controversial Feminist Who Revolutionized Comic Books

Don’t mistake Trina Robbins’s gentleness for shyness. There have been many comic books with all-female creative teams since the 79-year-old writer-artist-editor came up in the “underground comix” scene of the late 1960s and early ’70s. She’s overjoyed for their success. But she wants you to know exactly where she, and the 1970 comics anthology she spearheaded, fit into history.

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