Ships and wrecks: the UK’s best coastal photography – in pictures

Photographers across the UK have just two weeks to enter their best images of the sea in an annual photography competition run by national maritime charity, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society. The competition, which closes on Monday 13 August, encourages amateur and professional photographers to submit pictures that best encapsulate Britain’s enduring connection with the sea, to celebrate the nation’s proud maritime heritage and our reliance on seafarers. The Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, now 179 years old, is on the lookout for images including ships and wrecks, seascapes, industry and leisure for its sixth annual photography competition, sponsored by the Fishmongers’ Company and supported by Nautilus International

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The first female war photographer took enormous risks—and died in battle at 26

Gerda Taro’s images were searing, disquieting, and groundbreaking, and they helped spawn an entire field—war photography.

Today (Aug. 1), to mark the 108th anniversary of her birth, she has been honored with a Google Doodle.

On July 25, 1937, at just 26, she became the first female photojournalist to die in battle. After ignoring warnings to stay away from the frontline at the height of the Spanish Civil War—during which she took her most-celebrated photos—an out-of-control republican army tank plowed into the car she had hitched a ride on.

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Photographer Accused of Using Too Much Photoshop Shares Before and After Images

Photo Manipulation Photography by Lilia Alvarado

Photographer Lilia Alvarado captures the whimsical and carefree moments of childhood. Her passion for photography began after the birth of her twin daughters, Annabella and Juliette, who are often the subjects of her stunning fine art portraits. However, when Alvarado recently posted a photo she was proud of on Instagram, she was surprised to receive comments that questioned if it was over-edited. Since then, she’s made it her mission to raise awareness about the history of photography and challenge the preconceptions of photo manipulation. To do so, she’s revealed side-by-side images of her shots before and after editing.

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A Photographer’s Quick Tips For Getting An (Actually Good) Picture Of The Night Sky

Look, we’ve all done it. Seen something beautiful in the sky — a particularly large, full moon, a meteor shower on a weekend camping trip, intergalactic aliens bent on stealing our water supply hurtling towards Earth — and pulled out our phones, excited to share this moment with our inner circle and/or warn the government. But then later, when we go to look at our photographic capture of the majesty of the Heavens, all we have is some dark pics with a sort of blurry orb in the corner. It’s less of an “I’ve proved life exists on another planet” moment and more of a, “why bother?”. They’re just rarely good.

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Photographer Creates Surreal Photos Without the Help of Photoshop

Surreal Photography by John Dykstra

Photographer John Dykstra has had a long artistic journey. After falling in love with photography as a teenager, he went through a period where he sold his equipment, only to be lured back to his passion in 2014. After mastering studio lighting in a college program, he fell in love with portraiture and photography’s ability to represent any fantasy the artistic mind could imagine. This led him to begin executing a series of incredibly surreal photography that plays with realism and perspective.

Taking influence from paintings, sculptures, music, childhood memories, and self-reflection, Dykstra uses items like chalk and household props to craft his stunning images. In particular, his work plays with perspective, blending the two-dimensional and three-dimensional into one photo for mind-bending results.

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She Did That: Because of Beyoncé, Tyler Mitchell Is the First Black Photographer to Shoot a Vogue Cover

Say what you want about Beyoncé, but what we’re not going to do is act like she doesn’t use her power to champion black excellence, prosperity or artistry. Case in point: According to the Huffington Post, when Beyoncé agreed to cover American Vogue’s September issue, she was contractually given “unprecedented control” over her images and captions by editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. And what did Bey do with that control? Hire a black photographer—the first ever to shoot a cover in the magazine’s 126-year history.

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This Photographer Is Making Learning Special for the Differently-Abled

It’s not our disabilities; it’s our abilities that count.” – Chris Burke

Delhi-based photographer and copywriter Mohit Ahuja started an organisation to break stereotypes against disabilities, which he christened Know Disability.

In 2015, Mohit quit his job and put together a 10-day photography workshop for people with disabilities. There were a dozen participants, of which five persisted and continued with Know Disability.

In an exclusive interview with The Better India, Mohit speaks about how he started the organisation, the challenges of dealing with parents of special needs kids and breaking stereotypes along the way.

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