2019 iPhone Rumors Signal a New Phase in Smartphone Photography

eah, the nonstop rumor train is back at it for the 2019 iPhones. Reports are zeroing in on Apple launching three phones in September. And with most significant redesign rumors focused on 2020, Apple fans will get one major redesign if the rumors pan out.

A triple lens camera setup for the flagship XI Max or whatever Apple decides to call it. The new smartphone camera system already has a few interesting design renders which have been met with absolute polarization. Some like the renders, while others are aghast. There’s no middle ground.

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Three Tips for Excellent Product Photography

No matter how many times people are advised against judging a book by its cover, its human nature to judge things by how they appear. For this reason, great product photography is more than just a luxury. It can break or make your brand. When photos on your website are on top notch, you instill confidence in your customers and change the perceived value of your products. For this reason, ensuring that the photos you use for the products in your company are paramount and a step that most all people are trying to run a business should work on. So, how do you ensure that your products are presented in the best possible way? Here are three professional photographer tips on how to make great products photography.

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The best new photography gear at CES 2019

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a chance for all the big electronics companies to show off the products that they hope to release in the coming year. It sounds like smart toilets may have been the big thing at CES 2019, but there were a number of photo companies with exciting near gear on the way. Here’s a rundown of the coolest new stuff we saw at CES.

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