Why a Master Photographer Went Digital After 55 Years

THE RENOWNED FILM photographer Ralph Gibson was lying in his shrink’s office in lower Manhattan a few years back, brooding. FedEx had knocked on his door that morning, delivering a digital camera the company Leica asked him to try out. But Gibson, in his mid-seventies, wasn’t sure he wanted to: He’d been shooting analog for 55 years. “I don’t know what to do with this,” he said.


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What Is the Real Meaning of Photography

A surprising omission and sudden need to fill a gap led me to an important revelation.

What is a photograph? Is it a collection of ones and zeros that comprise a digital image? Is it a reaction of chemicals that settle to reveal an artist’s vision through light and shadow? Or, is it simply a product? A way to make money by monetizing the needs of the market.

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