The Italian Art Supply Shop That Keeps Renaissance Painting Techniques Alive

Dante called it “the cursed and unlucky ditch.” Half a millennium later, Tuscany’s Arno river would more than live up to that title. Just before dawn on November 4, 1966, the rain-swollen river abruptly broke its banks; its waters surged through Florence at speeds of 45 miles per hour and flooded the city with 18 billion gallons of mud and grime. Yet for all the destruction the natural disaster unleashed, it would also provide a major turning point for one of the city’s most beloved art-supply shops.

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Erie women’s veterans program connects through art

On Wednesday at 10 a.m., Sitter and Muczynski will hold the first Women Veterans C.A.R.E. (Connecting Arts to Real Experiences) program. The free monthly program, they say, will explore a range of issues through the arts. Sessions will address stress, relationships, self-awareness, resilience, finding and restoring balance in life, and relaxation techniques, among other things.


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Six indie games that show why we’re in a golden age of video game artistry

For much of video games’ history, building these engines was fantastically labor-intensive and expensive. But in recent years, a suite of new, cheap game-making tools has made it much easier for independent developers and artists to create polished games—and as a result, the world has been blessed with some wonderfully weird and innovative games.

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Women and medieval art: ‘This tooth opens a window’

About 1,000 years ago, a woman in Germany died and was buried in an unmarked grave in a church cemetery. No record of her life survived, and no historian had reason to wonder who she was. But when modern scientists examined her dug-up remains, they discovered something peculiar — brilliant blue flecks in the tartar on her teeth.

And that has cast new light on the role of women and art in medieval Europe.

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Why Brands Are Betting On The Art World

This year a record-breaking 83,000 people attended Art Basel Miami Beach in December, and that is just those that actually made it through the Miami Beach Convention Center doors. In its 16th year, Miami has seen a huge shift in who heads to South Beach (and Miami’s newly visitor-attracting neighborhoods like Wynwood and the Design District) for the international art fair and over 20 satellite art fairs during the first week of December.

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