This college student gave painting a try. Nine months later, he has his own exhibit

“Last minute, I decided to give this art thing a good shot.”

“This art thing,” for University of Miami student Matthew Hanzman, turned out to be an exhibit of over 70 pieces at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. He created all the pieces in about nine months.

Hanzman is the inaugural painter in the Emerging Artists Showcase. Not bad for a 21-year-old rising senior studying political science.

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Refugees use art to make Zaatari Refugee Camp home

Syrian refugee Mohamed Jokhadar in front of a mural he painted at the Zaatari Camp in Jordan.

Sitting alone outside a ramshackle caravan in Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp, Mohamed Jokhadar sips coffee from a stained cup and reflects.

Jokhadar is a Syrian refugee who, like so many refugees around the world, was violently torn from the life he once knew by civil war. Living in a refugee camp, he had to face reality. “I came to the realization that I’m here and I’m not leaving,” he says.

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Baku Is Vying To Become A Regional Arts Destination

There was a time when Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan – was famous for its cosmopolitan feel and its diverse art and culture scenes. While the breakup of the Soviet Union temporary shifted priorities to rebuilding Azerbaijan’s growing economy, there was little state support for contemporary, experimental arts. To complicate matters, the real estate boom that’s yet to cease in Baku, further squeezed young artists out of affordable art-studios. Although the situation is not unique, as similar pressures are also experienced by artists from San Francisco to Singapore, Azerbaijan’s leadership has vowed to support young and established talent.

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The Warhol Foundation puts $3.6 million toward art for social good

For the last 30 years, the goal of The Warhol Foundation’s grants for advancing visual arts has been to “explore new territory, take creative risks, and engage with issues relevant to our contemporary moment”. But with the world heating up, and the country shifting toward nationalistic, isolationist, and discriminatory agendas today’s creatives are becoming particularly proactive. “This work is inspiring at a time when many groups in this country feel threatened—women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, to name a few,” added Warhol president Joel Wachs in a statement about the current grants.

This year, the foundation awarded $3.6 million to 42 different organizations as part of its annual round of spring grants. That’s just part of what the organization, which operates a $300 million endowment, is slated to give out this year. Warhol awards $14 million total annually, and another $8 million in biannual grants.

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You Should Be Buying Art Prints and Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

You Should Be Buying Art Prints and Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

When it comes to art, the word “print” can mean a lot of things. First, there’s the real deal: lithographs, woodcuts, screenprints, and the like. Even though a printmaker might’ve produced 20 editions of such a work—that’s the penciled-in 6/20 in the bottom corner you’ll sometimes see—they also had to make the plate, block, or screen that it came from and then manually print each edition on a press. Sometimes they even tediously tear their own paper to get those amazing unfinished edges! So each one of their “prints” is considered an original work of art, and you’ll have to pay for it accordingly. (This is why some original photography can be so expensive; you’re actually buying a “silver gelatin print” that was first shot on a camera and then carefully crafted in a dark room.)

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A Nigerian Photographer’s Portraits Of The Mind

Etinosa Yvonne Osayimwen’s goal is to get inside her subjects’ heads.

The self-trained, 28-year-old documentary photographer does just that by using a double-exposure technique. She takes portraits of Nigerian survivors of violence and terrorism — then superimposes it with an image of something that reminds them of how their lives have changed.

In one photo, for example, a construction plan is layered over the profile of a building engineer whose community was attacked by Boko Haram. Another image shows a woman’s profile covered in another photo of the same woman on crutches after she was shot in the leg.

In July, the Nigerian was awarded a grant by Women Photograph to pursue her project, “It’s All In My Head.”

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FINAL FANTASY’s Yoshitaka Amano Talks Art Process and His Favorite American Superhero

FINAL FANTASY’s Yoshitaka Amano Talks Art Process and His Favorite American Superhero

Yoshitaka Amano is a world renowned artist and character designer, with his intricate illustrations gracing the covers of works like Vampire Hunter D, Sandman: The Dream Hunters, and Guin Saga. Alongside designer and director Hironobu Sakaguchi, Amano’s character designs have formed the bedrock for the massively popular Final Fantasy franchise. Through the help of translator Michael Gombos, Director of International Publishing and Licensing at Dark Horse, we got a chance to catch up with Amano at San Diego Comic Con, where he talked about his upcoming illustrated biography, who inspires him, and what American superhero he’d love to work on.

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An Immersive Experience: How Renowned Photographers are Captivating Audiences with Prints

Great photography in a printed form has the power to truly captivate audiences and enhance the visual message that photographers convey. Says acclaimed visual artist John Paul Caponigro, the right print “can strengthen the life pulse that already exists within my work.” Here, he and photography duo Ken Broward an Deborah Ory discuss the work in their recent exhibitions—and how mounting flawless prints heightens the audience experience.

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