Where does music come from?

I may not know where it comes from, but I’m certainly happy it IS here 🙂 Interesting article.

Every human culture, without exception as far as anyone can tell, produces some form of music. And yet it seems as though the music that human cultures produce could hardly be more varied: From Italian opera to Croatian klapa to Tuvan throat singing, the assortment of rhythms, melodies, dynamics, and harmonies found in cultures large and small around the world stands as a testament to human creative diversity.

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Violinist to introduce Naperville to healing power of music

What an amazing person! Great ideas here for other to emulate.

Los Angeles Philharmonic violinist Vijay Gupta will visit Naperville at the end of February to talk about his work in bringing quality, live classical music to underserved populations. (The Lavin Agency)

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At Children’s Hospital, Music Is A Form Of Treatment For Young Patients

It makes me so happy to see more and more hospitals & other medical facilities embracing music & the arts in general as a form of treatment and therapy. More should do this though!

Nicole Steele, a music therapist at UPMC's Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, and Yaheim Young, a fourteen-year-old patient, strum on ukuleles during a session.

Nicole Steele, clad in a face mask and thin plastic protective cover over her shirt, strung a ukulele while 14-year-old Yaheim Young played alongside her. The two had a jam session on the ninth floor of the UPMC Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville.

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My son covers Nickel Creek

My son, Andy Stein, finally covered one of my all time favorite Nickel Creek songs.  You should take a listen and subscribe to his YouTube channel when you like what you hear 🙂

Congress may actually fix music royalties

Despite constant gridlocks, a government shutdown, and an approval rating so low it couldn’t get into a European bar, Congress may be ready to update music licensing laws for the first time in 20 years. A bill called the Music Modernization Act has been introduced in the House and Senate over the past month, and it is designed to streamline the music licensing process to make it easier for rights holders to get paid when their music is streamed online.

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Blind pianist opens music school for the disabled


Mubarak Farah was eight years old when he began teaching himself to play the piano. A refugee who came to Ottawa with his family when he was three, Farah listened to the Somali folk music played from his family’s cassettes, matching the notes on his keys and eventually figuring out the chords being played.

An impressive accomplishment for a child to do on his own, but Farah had something else setting him back: he was born with glaucoma and had lost all his vision by the time he was six. Unable to read music, “everything was done by sound and touch,” he said.

Lat week, Farah, now 30 and a professional blues pianist, opened Ability Through Music, a music school for children and adults with disabilities, and hopes to empower people by teaching them piano. The academy welcomes people of all skill levels. Though it’s currently offering piano lessons, it’s trying to expand its lessons to other instruments.

Farah understands the impact playing music can have on anyone, especially people with disabilities.

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