Geoff Johnson: How to turn our kids into lifelong readers


At its best, reading is an intimate experience. It creates a direct conduit between the experiences and imaginations of the writer and the reader.

Patrick Hogan of the University of Connecticut and Keith Oatley of the University of Toronto are researchers who have studied the links between emotion and understanding.

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Literature events company to create ‘immersive’ festival performances

Very excited to hear about this and hope the idea spreads.  I’ve wanted to do something similar for years.  I used to have a notebook of “literary themes” to work from for parties, especially viewing parties with books made into films.  Love the idea of whole festivals built around it!  If you want to “escape” reality, why not go “all in”, eh? 🙂

I’d really like to see regional literary festivals throughout the USA much the way you find Renaissance Festivals with a different book chosen each year for each festival.  Would be so much fun!  Books would have to be chosen a year or two in advance though to allow time for cosplayers and set designs, but so fun!

A new literature events company called Story Machine Productions plans to “revolutionise the experience of books” by creating “immersive performances” at festivals inspired by book content alone.

The outfit – spearheaded by Norwich publisher Sam Ruddock (pictured), a former Waterstones bookseller – aims “to do for literature and human knowledge what Secret Cinema has done for film: create exciting celebrations of the written word”. This it will do by remaining “100% faithful” to chosen texts while working with filmmakers, dancers, actors, musicians and visual artists to widen their appeal, presenting what it hopes will be a creative new platform for publishers and authors to promote their books and “stand out in a crowded marketplace”.

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Accessories For Literature Lovers Look Like Real Books

Accessories For Literature Lovers Look Like Real Books

Ever head to the library or bookstore and look through the spines just to see the book covers of your favorite reads? Nothing beats a good book, and carrying around your favorite tome can make you feel like you’re always with your best friend. Book covers jog childhood memories and remind you of your favorite stories, so Chick-Lit Designs created accessories for phones and tablets: specialty cases made to look just like classic pieces of literature.

Whether it’s Little Women or Great Expectations, these cute handmade covers not only protect your phone but resemble some of the most memorable collections of written words in history.

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You Can Enter To Win A Collection Of 100 Of America’s Most-Loved Books

Calling all book lovers — or anyone who just wants to read more. Now through Aug. 31, Penguin House is giving you a chance to win an entire collection of 100 of America’s most-loved books.

Yup, we’re talking everything from classics like George Orwell’s “1984” or more recent favorites like “Fifty Shades of Grey.” And, of course, everything in between. All you have to do for a chance to win is enter the Great American Reads Sweeps. No purchase is necessary, and the entry will subscribe you to Penguin House’s free newsletter.

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101 books Millennials must read before they die

MercatorNet’s book list, “101 books Gen Ys must read before they die”, which we published in 2012, long before anyone had ever heard of Millennials, has become one of our most popular features.

So here is a sequel for the next generation, selected according to the same criteria: the books have to be interesting, enriching and short. Well, sadly, we have broken the last rule in this list. We had to. By and large, there are no short Russian novels; there are no short Victorian novels. So we’ve included a few epic reads – but not too many. (They are marked with an asterisk.) Finally, no author has more than one book in the list and nearly all of them are in conventional prose (ie, no drama or poetry).

The dark curse laid upon Millennials has condemned them to read nothing longer than 140 characters. We hope that our list will lift this dismal hex and allow them to saunter through the sunny uplands of Western culture.

Bear in mind that this is not a list of the “greatest books of all time” or of “the world’s most uplifting novels”. It is a list of books ranging from good to phenomenal which is meant to hook Millennials on reading. If we succeed in that simple aim, we can breathe easy.

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