Breathtaking photographs win Outdoor Photographer of the Year Award

Outdoor Photographer of the Year

From shoals of fish swimming in the Red Sea to the spectacular Valley of Thor in Iceland, there’s no shortage of natural wonders showcased in 2017’s winningOutdoor Photographer of the Year entries.
Now in its seventh year, this prestigious competition continues to showcase the best images taken by adventurers across the world.
This year the competition received over 18,000 entries by photographers from over 60 countries.


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‘Memory books’ can help older loved ones recall their past

'Memory books' can help older loved ones recall their past

Family photo albums can help jog an elderly friend or relative’s memories, but consider taking the photo book idea one step further: Create a “memory book” that combines personal photos with brief family stories and historical information.

These can be used to help people struggling with memory loss, and give younger family members a window into older relatives’ lives.

Memory books are also useful in helping older people introduce themselves to caregivers and provide topics for conversation, says Ann Norwich, director of the adult gerontology nurse practitioner program at York College of Pennsylvania.

By illustrating and explaining details from the person’s past, Norwich says, the books cue caregivers and other visitors to ask better questions. That can prolong positive conversation.

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Picture this: how to start a photography business

Photographers offer tips on what it takes to capture the market.

Start with the basics – that’s what Jane Cox did before setting
up her own business, which specialises in family and corporate photography.

She recommends mastering at least the basic technical skills before charging for your work – that includes exposure, shutter speed
and aperture, which ensure creative control of the camera.

Training companies, such as Aspire, and adult education college courses are perfect for understanding both the technical and business sides of photography, she adds.

Practise on family and friends to begin with, says Ms Cox – and learn how to take shots in lots of different unfavourable scenarios, such as a dark candle-lit room, or outdoors in bright sunshine, where people will have dark “panda eyes”.

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Unique project gives West Dunbartonshire communities a voice through photography

A unique initiative is giving communities the chance to find their voices through the power of photography.

The Inclusive Images project empowers residents across West Dunbartonshire to raise awareness of the area’s diversity and its social challenges.

Aimed at those who experience isolation, they tell their stories through striking images, highlighting their strengths and plights in scenes of both beauty and deprivation.

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Ethereal Portraits of Women Who Look Like They’re Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Fairytale Photography by Bella Kotak

Inspired by fantasy and fairytales, photographer Bella Kotak creates ethereal images that combine sumptuous color and bountiful nature. Her portraits of women fuse flowers, gorgeous fashion, and picturesque settings, resulting in moments that seem plucked from the pages of a storybook.

Kotak masterfully composes her fantasy photography to be meticulously constructed. This can be attributed to her training as an architect, which is where she learned about the power of photography in the first place. “Whilst in my Architecture course,” she told My Modern Met in 2015, “I was introduced to Photoshop and also to Flickr where I saw many young artists using the program to realize their visions.” She started taking one photo a day for 365 days and became “more and more obsessed” with the technical parts of photography—such as the lens, composition, and color toning. Now, one picture might take her months of planning!

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He’s an award-winning wildlife photographer — and he’s only 13

Since we’ve found out that this country is populated by some seriously talented young people, we’ve decided to bring more of their stories to you. So: this is Art Kids. And in today’s edition, you’re meeting Josiah Launstein, a 13-year-old with a knack for silent observation, a keen eye and deep empathy for the animal kingdom. He’s barely a teenager, but he’s already become an accomplished wildlife photographer who’s garnered international acclaim for his photos.

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Photographer’s free service for families experiencing loss

Shardae Cannon  from Cherished Studios is offering families experiencing loss free photography sessions.

SHARDAE Cannon is using her talent behind the lens to give a special gift to families who are affected by terminal illness.

Ms Cannon has been operating her business Cherished Studios in Toowoomba for one year.

She specialises in family photography but also captures special milestones such as babies, engagements and weddings.

“I truly love what I do. It’s the ultimate goal to do what you love for a living and I’m very blessed and grateful that I’m able to do that,” she said.

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Photos capture old worlds and create new ones

Photography often captures more than what we can see. Yes, it has the ability to create worlds, but also to shape and influence our worlds as well. It provides a living history and a tangible connection that written words can’t always accomplish.

And photography is ever-evolving over the years. Case in point: I found myself trying to explain to someone what camera “film” was and how it had to be sent away to be “developed.” To her, photography is immediate, digital and often disposable.

But as photographer Kevin Holliday attests, there’s a broader, more intense connection to our images than even we might be aware of.

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Former Painter Captures Stunning Photos of Magical Landscapes Around the World

Outdoor Photography by Cuma Cevik

Turkish photographer Cuma Cevik organizes adventurous trips to a wide range of countries after being inspired to shoot incredible landscape photography around the world. Bringing along curious travelers, they set out on photo safaris to capture the magical landscapes of each setting. Interestingly, it was an early love of fine art that brought Cevik toward his current profession.

Initially interested in oil painting, he instead studied to become a social studies teacher when the art academy proved too costly. It was during university that he took up photography as a creative outlet. Upon graduation, he began traveling the world to shoot stunning outdoor photography. He was initially drawn to landscape photography thanks to the rich nature he was surrounded by in the Turkish city of Bolu, and the pull toward landscape photography has only grown stronger as he has continued to voyage around the world.

Surreal Landscape Photography

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