Beginner photographers: Improve your composition with these lighting tips


As you begin your photography journey, you’ll spend a ton of time trying to discover your style. You’ll research different photographers, as well as different techniques. There’s one key element that stands out in all photographic compositions. Not the megapixels or the camera used. It’s the lighting. I’d like to share a few notes that may help light up your next composition. Okay, that was a bad pun. Anyway, let’s look at ways light can enhance your photography.

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Street #Photography and the Law: What You Need to Know

As the name implies, “Street Photography” usually is done in a public place such as a street, sidewalk or park involving candid images of people going about their daily lives. This type of photography is permitted in the U.S. under the legal premise established by the Supreme Court that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place. It is why we may be photographed or recorded many times a day by surveillance equipment, police bodycams and anyone else with a camera. In France, by contrast, the law is different and obtaining permission to photograph someone in public is the general rule. But here in the U.S. the rules distinguish public from private, with the greatest expectation of privacy in one’s home (although that too may vary from state to state).


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The 100 Greatest Music Videos of the 21st Century: Critics’ Picks

The 100 Greatest Music Videos of the 21st Century: Critics' Picks

At the dawn of the 21st century, the music video was in a boom period: The TRL era was still at its zenith, CDs were flying out of the stores, budgets for music videos were still regularly in the seven-digit range, and MTV was the place you turned to in order to see the latest clips from pop’s best and brightest.

Flash forward to 2018, and none of those things are true anymore. Album sales have been depleted by the rise of downloading and then streaming, MTV has been supplanted by the Internet as the video’s primary home, and attempts to reboot TRL only prove how different times are now than when Backstreet and Britney ruled the world. But with all that’s changed, the music video still reigns paramount in the pop world, as a conversation-starter, as a starmaker, as a cementer of legacy. Though the ways we consume music videos in 2018 would’ve been almost unthinkable at century’s start, the impact they have on our lives and pop culture remains relatively similar.

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How the power of music brought peace to this elephant

VIDEO THUMBNAIL - Piano for blind elephant

Hearing the sound of piano keys brings peace to this 62-year-old elephant.

Lam Duan – meaning “Tree with Yellow Flowers” has had a tough life. The blind elephant spent the first thirty years of her life in hard working conditions. After working twenty years in the logging trade, she later gave rides to tourists.

A pair of owners took her in until she was moved to Elephants World in Thailand, an elephant rescue sanctuary.

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Your guide to the new travel etiquette

Make lasagna in your hotel room coffee pot! Skip security lines by demanding a wheelchair! Duct tape a cushion to your head to make a low-cost travel pillow! The internet is full of hacks and tweaks to make the sometimes-arduous task of travelling a little more bearable.

While the never-ending torrent of travel tips and tricks might make us more efficient travelers, is the internet and modern technology making us any more enlightened or pleasant travellers? Judging by the eye-watering miasma emanating from the guy next to me on a recent transatlantic flight (travel hack: adjust air vents to blow away offending smells), not everyone is getting the message about how to be a considerate traveller.

I recently polled some globetrotting experts on how best to navigate the modern travel world and make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

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