Instagram plotting new music stickers feature

New code suggests users will soon be able to add music to Stories

It looks like photo sharing app Instagram is plotting a new feature which will allow users to add music to their Stories.

TechCrunch reports that coding spotted inside the platform’s Android app points towards a new “music stickers” capability. Users may be able to search for specific tracks, genres or artists in the future, and their selections will most likely play in the background of Instagram Story posts.

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How I Wait Years to Get My Photos

Landscape photography takes a lot of patience. When we share shots on the Internet, people often don’t realize how much effort can go into creating some of them. I’m often told, “you’re always at the right place at the right time.” And yes, I am sometimes at the right place at the right time, but it took me lots of effort and sometimes a bit of luck!

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How Daguerreotype Photography Reflected a Changing America


Our smartphones enable us to immortalize moments in our lives with crystal-clear fidelity—defying the inevitability of time’s passage whenever the whim strikes us—yet we go about the assembly of our collective visual history not with awe and zeal, but with the detached blitheness that so often comes with too much of a good thing.

Such was not the case in the mid-19th century, when the first-ever widely accessible form of photography, known as the daguerreotype process, made its way to the young United States.

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