This Miami Hotel Has a ‘Grocery Guru’ Who Teaches Guests How to Make Healthy Choices at the Supermarket

Breakfast with a view at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Wellness resorts are all the rage these days: Top health hotels like Canyon Ranch and Rancho La Puerta help harried urbanites reconnect with nature, rediscover nutritious, plant-based foods, and conquer stress.

But it’s one thing making healthy choices, say, at a luxury wellness resort on the ocean, and another when you’re back to your daily grind.

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Here’s How Much Food You’re Wasting Everyday

more food waste new major and classes offered

While it’s true that some cities now require composting, more restaurants are banning unnecessary plastics like straws, and more people are trying to reduce waste in their own homes by using food that would usually be discarded (like broccoli stems), Americans still have a huge problem with waste. The average American wastes about a pound of food everyday—that’s about 150,000 tons of food nationwide.

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10 Books Every Foodie Needs In Their Kitchen — And None Of Them Are Cookbooks

I have a not-so-secret love of cookbooks — though, rarely, do I actually ever use them for their intended purpose: cooking. While I don’t often have the patience to regularly baste a turkey, or babysit a soufflĂ©, or stem enough fresh thyme to meet the requirements of any recipe, what I do have the patience for is curling up with a really great book about food (and, you know, maybe a snack.) …

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London’s best restaurants, according to LTI

Smith & Wollensky

The culinary scene in London has come a long way over the past decade and now more than holds its own against longer established global contemporaries.

From modern fine dining, contemporary Indian, fusion Peruvian, immaculate sushi and dim sum, to casual tapas, London has it all, served up with the high-octane buzz of one of the world’s great capital cities.

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