5 travel tips to make the most of your family road trip

Long road trips can be such a drag. And if you’ve got kids in the back seat, it can be difficult to keep them entertained for hours on end.

These days, it’s easy to hand devices to kids or pop in a DVD to keep temper tantrums at bay. However, enriching your road trip the old-fashioned way with games and creative pit stops is another simple trick. TODAY tapped Mark Ellwood, Conde Nast Traveler contributor and author of “Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World,” for a few family- and budget-friendly travel tips to make the most of your long car journey.

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It’s vacation time: How to travel with medicine

Summer is finally here! But, before you take off on that trip you’ve been planning for months, Emory internist Dr. Sharon Bergquist says to make a list of the medications you take and keep your essentials with you.

“Pack your medication in your carry-on bag. Suitcases can get lost. The most important thing is to have it on you,” says Dr. Bergquist.

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Best Places for Live Music in Dublin

Dublin might be famous for its literature, but it really comes alive to music, especially the live kind. Whether traditional or contemporary, classical or cutting edge, played in a dingy dive bar or in a grand concert hall, the live music experience in Dublin is a special one. Discerning fans are as loyal to local acts as they are enthusiastic about visiting ones, with many a big-name touring musician declaring that besides their home town, they’ve never quite seen as rapturous a reception as in Dublin. Here, our picks for where to see and enjoy it best.

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Why Airbnb Is A Dark Horse In Live Music’s Intimate Future

Many people think of Airbnb as the poster child for disruption: leveraging the sharing economy to democratize participation in the travel & hospitality marketplace, turning those industries on their heads.

Now, the $31 billion startup is building a similar business case for music—and no one in the traditional music industry seems to be looking.

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These travel mistakes could be causing your jet lag

Jet lag sucks, and we all know it. There are all sorts of supposed remedies to attempt to power through the day after a long flight, but sometimes the heavy eyelids still get the better of us.

After speaking to those who know, we reckon we’re guilty of making these mistakes.

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The Most Elegant Way to Travel Through France Is Now on a Barge

This summer, Belmond unveils two new vessels to its existing fleet of five, offering AD an exclusive first-look. Designed by Inge Moore of the London-based Muza Lab, the barges (with routes from Strasbourg to Arzviller, and La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre to the Champagne region) feel floral and elegant. Moore wanted a softness that was both casual yet true to the nostalgia that’s often present on quiet canals. While a barge is a flat-bottomed boat that was originally built for transporting freight, it has become a luxury vessel that ferries passengers who crave that slower, andante-like pace.

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How To Cut Your Carbon When You Travel This Summer

Travel is an eye-opening elixir: it frees your mind from auto pilot, cracks you out of familiar social circles and lets your brain breathe.

Travel is also an eco nightmare. The carbon cost of tourism was calculated to be four times as much as previously thought, as a result of analysis published the journal Nature Climate Change, which evidences that the industry accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Previous analysis had crunched the CO2 emissions of air travel – but the new data encompasses that derived from elements such as hotel and airport construction, too.

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