An eco-friendly holiday can also be budget-friendly: Here’s how


If you’re a nature lover and ardent traveller, chances are, you’ve also considered sustainable tourism. But like many others, you may have been wary of the additional costs. For a long time, sustainable tourism has been inextricably linked with extravagant experiences or deemed as something that would require a compromise of personal comfort. But this is largely a misconception. “Sustainable practices don’t necessarily call for higher expenses and compromise on comfort is a subjective matter,” says Karan Anand, Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings.

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Shoot your food and eat it too: Photographers offer tips for getting delicious images

Do a Google search for it, and you will uncover more than 1.5 million results, many of which are how-to pages, and so enticing and artistic are its better representatives that it sometimes is referred to as “food porn.”

It is food photography, and in this era of the mobile phone and easy-to-use digital equipment, it seems everybody’s photographing the plates set in front of them, at home or in restaurants.

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Disney parks: Every upcoming ride, hotel and attraction

Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” More than 60 years after his beloved park first opened, Disney’s words still reverberate.

Much of the original park remains intact, and many of its opening day attractions still delight visitors. But Disneyland has evolved considerably since Disney, who passed away in 1966, last walked its storied streets. And planned for summer 2019, the park will welcome its most ambitious new land to date, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.



4 times you can skip travel insurance—and 3 times you should buy it

These traveling tricks will help you save money

If you’re going on vacation this summer, you’ve probably already booked some of the key elements, like your flight or cruise. But have you purchased travel insurance? Travel sites make it pretty easy these days to add trip protection to your purchase, but what does that fee get you, and when is the extra cost actually worth it?

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