‘I’m 26 and Travel Around the World as a House Sitter. Here’s How I Make It Work’

Harris working with Peanut on his shoulders in Bangkok, Thailand.

Like a lot of young people, Ben Harris wants to travel the globe. Unlike most of them, Harris, 26, is doing it full-time. He has been to 39 countries over the past year and a half – all while working and even saving money.

Harris and his boyfriend, 28-year-old Mariano Rebattini Capurro, have spent the last 18 months traveling the world, stopping everywhere from Sydney, Australia, to Seoul, South Korea. It might sound like one long, expensive vacation, but the pair has an unusual strategy to make their globe-trotting affordable.

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The Rules To Urban Photography, According To A Pro

Photographers are drawn to beauty, and we are drawn to photographers. As of late, however, we’ve focused primarily on mother nature’s deft brushstrokes — whether in the beauty of a happy festival goer or the blue light bathing a coastline as the tide encroaches on the sand. Still, the manmade exquisiteness of an urban setting is no less cherished by followers on Instagram or writers at Uproxx.


Photographer Robert Capa Risked It All to Capture D-Day—then Nearly All His Images Were Lost

US troops assault Omaha Beach during the D-Day landings. Normandy, France.

On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy. It was, and remains, the largest amphibious invasion in history, and struck a critical blow to the Nazis, hastening the end of World War II. The man who arguably let the public witness the horrors of that day—which resulted in 10,000 casualties—was Robert Capa, the sole photographer who captured the first wave incursion on Omaha Beach that morning. His photographs, including an iconic image of a soldier crawling through the surf, became enduring records of the plight of the American soldiers. And they were almost lost forever.

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5 Common Copyright Misconceptions Held by Photographers

The most recent version of the Copyright Law of the United States (December 2016) weighs in at a whopping 354 pages. And while there are areas of ambiguity, the basics and benefits of copyright registration for photographers are well-documented. Unfortunately, well-documented doesn’t mean well-understood, so we asked attorney (and former photo rep) Leslie Burns to weigh in on a number of common copyright misconceptions that still persist, and why you should register your copyright.

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Traveling with Charlie Waite, Britain’s Leading Landscape Photographer

I first came across the work of landscape photographer Charlie Waite some 30 years ago when he published a book called The National Trust Book of Long Walks with the now legendary writer Adam Nicolson. It was a terrific piece of work and still retains pride of place on my bookshelves.

Three decades on, Waite has not only collaborated with authors such as John Julius Norwich and A.N. Wilson but gone on to exhibit around the world and founded Light & Land, Europe’s leading photographic workshop and tour company. Light & Land run photographic tours, courses and workshops worldwide that are dedicated to inspiring photographers and improving their photography. On the 25th anniversary of Light & Land, I had a chance to ask him about his work and his tours.

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This is how you survive music festival season

With the official start of summer ahead, music lovers are counting down the days until the kick-off of Tennessee’s outdoor festival season. With events like Bonnaroo in Manchester, CMA Fest in Nashville and Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival, the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) is reminding music fans to incorporate safety into their festival plans.

“Outdoor concerts and festivals highlight the rich tradition of music in Tennessee,” said State Fire Marshal and Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak. “While local and state officials work hard to ensure your experience is as safe as it is fun, concertgoers can take steps to ensure this year’s festival season is the safest yet.”

Before heading to a venue, consider these important tips to stay safe and healthy while enjoying your favorite musicians:

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