Day 10 – Alaska to New Jersey

This was the day we woke up early and got excited because the night before we had decided that because we were making such good time on this trip, we could afford to get off the interstates and explore some 2-lane highways.   This let us reacquaint ourselves with rural, middle America – where both of us spent most of our teen years – and avoid the traffic jammed cities of Indianapolis and Columbus.  These two cities, in my personal experience, are ALWAYS busy with loads of construction.  I very much liked the idea of avoiding them while having a chance to see a slower version of the Midwest.

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The 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean 2017

Planning a trip to the Caribbean anytime soon?

All-inclusive properties, which typically bundle all meals, alcohol and nonalcoholic beverages and a variety of activities in their rates, are as synonymous with the region as umbrella-laden drinks and turquoise-tinted waters. To help you narrow down your choices, U.S. News took into account each property

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How Your Hotel Stay Will Evolve in 2017

I really love the idea of the “Curated Experience” and the various “Digital Apps” that allow a guest keyless entry into a room as well as a host of requests able to be made digitally.  But I don’t ever want to see these apps take the place of the human touch that is essential to delivering a great customer experience.

Example: If you a request a roll-away with your room but one is not available, do they apps talk to you about your other options? What if the Front Desk or GM is able to change your room type, often with no charge above the roll-away fee, to meet your needs? A human being can evaluate the situation and offer advice, guidance & upgrades to find a creative way to meet your needs. Most apps would simply follow an inventory database as to what is or is not available.

Besides, it’s so much nicer to have a smiling representative of the property greet you with a warm “Welcome” and “May I help you” then a cold (no matter the digital voice quality) computer to try to do the same.

Fine for simple requests, but I would never want to rely on technology to replace human interaction, it’s only worthwhile if it enhances that human experience.

An enviable location, superlative amenities and genuine hospitality have long been the hallmark traits of time-tested customer loyalty. While some leading hotel brands are luring guests with customized, tech-savvy apps, others are reinventing the guest experience with flexible, multipurpose spaces,

Source: How Your Hotel Stay Will Evolve in 2017