Spend a summer’s evening at London’s 5 best street-food markets

Open-air food markets have become a new genre of summer entertainment, with late opening hours and a festival atmosphere. From bao buns in west London to roast pork in south east and the finest drinks to wash all the irresistibly Instagrammable food down with, this is the GQ edit of the very best street food destinations the capital has to offer…

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Ansel Adams invented sweeping American landscape photography. How he started will surprise

Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941.  Photograph

He started small.

That’s surprising because Ansel Adams’ name is now shorthand for glorious, epic and ambitious art.

Adams’ black-and-white photographs of America’s most stunning landscapes are moving and massive. And decades after his death, his vision still sells thousands of calendars, posters and books.

But when he first picked up a camera professionally in the 1920s, Adams presented his favorite subject, Yosemite National Park, with a soft, intimate – small, really – scope.

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5 Things People Don’t Tell You About Travel Photography

It’s the number one question I get asked, whether it’s in conversation or on social media: “How do I get into travel photography?” And I always try to tell them the truth, and that while it’s amazing and an incredible job to get into (and there are many reasons why it’s so rewarding), travel photography is also very challenging, and has its difficulties, much like any job.

Yes, you get to travel and see some of the best places this world has to offer and work with some amazing brands and clients. But traveling and constantly being away from home can have its issues and downsides you have to prepare for before you jet set.

My hope is that these truths will prepare you for the realities of the job.

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Myths of a Successful Photographer

Myths of a Successful Photographer

When it comes to being a successful professional photographer, there are certainly many misconceptions. Knowing what some of these misconceptions are and how to avoid them can help take your business to the next level.

When a photographer finds a passion for photography and decides that they want to take that passion and make a living out of it, photo enthusiasts can be zealous to start their own business. If a photographer doesn’t have a strong background in business and marketing, the journey to becoming successful can take many detours and ultimately may result in frustration and abandonment. Here are a few common misconceptions about successful photographers and what you can avoid on your road to success.

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5 Foods That Make Anxiety Worse, Because Comfort Food Isn’t Always That Comforting

It’s no secret that what you eat affects how you feel, not to mention how you feel affects how you eat. The problem, though, is that oftentimes, the snacks you might be apt to reach for to make yourself feel better when you’re anxious or stressed, might actually be foods that make anxiety worse. But listen: It’s not impossible to find comfort foods that taste amazing and settle your nerves. You just have to get a little creative when you put together your plate.

However, it’s important to note that, while there are definitely foods that are generally worse for your anxiety levels than others, Lindsey Smith, aka the Food Mood Girl, a nationally recognized author, speaker, and health coach, says it’s just as crucial to remember that everybody (and every body) is different, and therefore, the foods that make you feel better during a bout of anxiety may change from person to person. “Every body is different and bio-individual, so what feels good to some person, might not jive with another,” she tells Elite Daily. “Since we live in a world that labels food as ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ I think it’s crucial to start tapping into what works for you.”

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$4 million grant will help divert food waste to hungry


In New York alone, 250,000 tons of food are wasted annually by the state’s largest food scrap generators, such as supermarkets, restaurants, colleges, and hospitals.

According to the N.Y. Department for Environmental Conservation (DEC), if just 5% of that food was donated, food banks would see a 20% increase in food available for consumption.

Instead, most of the food goes to landfills and incinerators, where it’s not only being wasted, but also contributes to our emissions of greenhouse gases.

A $4 million-dollar grant from the DEC will help food scrap generators divert food waste away from landfills and to people who need it.

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LEGOLAND Florida Resort teams with Autism Speaks to host The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson

LEGOLAND Florida Resort partnered with Autism Speaks to host more than 15 children on the autism spectrum for a 30-minute swimming lesson inside the water park’s LEGO Wave Pool in an effort to help break a Guinness World Record.

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson is an event designed to build awareness about the vital importance of teaching kids to swim and help prevent drowning. LEGOLAND Florida Resort is one of hundreds of facilities in more than 20 countries on five continents participating in the event over the course of 24 hours.

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Romantic retreats: 11 Fiji resorts worth crossing the Pacific for

As a 333-island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is synonymous with clear waters, technicolor coral reefs and celebrity hideaways.

And with its multitude of private island retreats and overwater bungalows strewn across the archipelago, Fiji also happens to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Whether celebrating a honeymoon or special milestone, these sun-kissed hotels deliver Fijian hospitality, pristine beaches, epic diving and private dining experiences.

From budget-friendly getaways to ultra-posh private escapes, here are a few of Fiji’s most romantic retreats:

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