Books to Read Before You Go on Safari

Sure, you could spend the transatlantic flight to South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, or Botswana catching up on the blockbusters you missed in the theater—or you could spend time with novels and non-fiction stories that will help get you in the safari mindset. We asked editors and travel specialists to share their recommendations for the best books to read before your trip, from tales for kids to mysteries to true stories about the beginning of gorilla research. Best yet? You’ll be prepared should that seat-back screen not work.

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7 Ways to Make Your Travel More Sustainable


From increasing cultural understanding to aiding in the conservation of wildlife, there’s no denying the positive impact travel can have on the world. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the travel industry is one of the world’s most powerful—it supplies 10 percent of the world’s jobs, at 313 million worldwide. But there are negative side effects, too, like visitors putting a strain on cities, the lack of tourism dollars benefiting local communities, and the use of fossil fuels by major airlines.

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After working in a world of ‘tech bros,’ this woman founded a female-only island

We’ve all had those moments, whether you’re drowning in work in a cramped cubicle or just tired of the daily grind. In those moments, a thought might cross your mind, like “I wish I could escape to a private island.”

Well, entrepreneur Kristina Roth actually made that happen. She’s not just escaping to an island, she owns it. And she’s opening it up to women worldwide. But men? They’re not allowed.

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Tour Bill Murray and Brothers’ New Restaurant, a Space Jammed With ‘Caddyshack’ Jokes

Besides a casino, the suburban area surrounding O’Hare International Airport isn’t vivacious. But it does possess one thing the city lacks: a restaurant co-owned by actor Bill Murray. Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant opened on Tuesday in Rosemont with visits from all the Murray brothers. The 8,600-square-foot restaurant is an homage to their classic golf-themed movie, Caddyshack, and visitors will find dozens of Easter eggs and ‘80s references jammed inside the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel at 9546 Balmoral Avenue in Rosemont.

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