$4 million grant will help divert food waste to hungry


In New York alone, 250,000 tons of food are wasted annually by the state’s largest food scrap generators, such as supermarkets, restaurants, colleges, and hospitals.

According to the N.Y. Department for Environmental Conservation (DEC), if just 5% of that food was donated, food banks would see a 20% increase in food available for consumption.

Instead, most of the food goes to landfills and incinerators, where it’s not only being wasted, but also contributes to our emissions of greenhouse gases.

A $4 million-dollar grant from the DEC will help food scrap generators divert food waste away from landfills and to people who need it.

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LEGOLAND Florida Resort teams with Autism Speaks to host The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson

LEGOLAND Florida Resort partnered with Autism Speaks to host more than 15 children on the autism spectrum for a 30-minute swimming lesson inside the water park’s LEGO Wave Pool in an effort to help break a Guinness World Record.

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson is an event designed to build awareness about the vital importance of teaching kids to swim and help prevent drowning. LEGOLAND Florida Resort is one of hundreds of facilities in more than 20 countries on five continents participating in the event over the course of 24 hours.

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Romantic retreats: 11 Fiji resorts worth crossing the Pacific for

As a 333-island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is synonymous with clear waters, technicolor coral reefs and celebrity hideaways.

And with its multitude of private island retreats and overwater bungalows strewn across the archipelago, Fiji also happens to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Whether celebrating a honeymoon or special milestone, these sun-kissed hotels deliver Fijian hospitality, pristine beaches, epic diving and private dining experiences.

From budget-friendly getaways to ultra-posh private escapes, here are a few of Fiji’s most romantic retreats:

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High-end wellness resort opens in Sullivan County

A high-end wellness resort opened its doors for the first time in Sullivan County on Thursday, three years to the day after its groundbreaking.

YO1 Luxury Nature Cure is surrounded by more than 1,300 acres of forest off Anawana Lake Road (Route 103) in the Town of Thompson.

“On this day our dream is coming true,” owner Subhash Chandra said.

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How To Travel Responsibly In An Age Of Overtourism

overtourism solutions

Travel writers of the world rejoice! If our goal was to get people on the road, we’ve done the job. People are moving around this planet at unprecedented rates. They’re basking on beaches, exploring National Parks, and trekking to the farthest reaches of the globe. They’re sharing their homes via AirBnB, filling up campgrounds months ahead of time, and living in vans from South America to Swaziland. Cool, right?

In many way, yes. The idea of more and more people traveling — made possible through the constant lowering of airfares; inspired by scores of “influencers” (plus travel stars like Anthony Bourdain, Eddie Huang, and Action Bronson); and spurred on by our current emphasis on iconic experiences — is, in theory, the best of things. If travel is the natural enemy of bias (via the most fun type of exposure therapy ever invented), then more people traveling is exactly what we need right now. On the road, the importance of multi-culturalism is apparent in a million ways large and small every day.


Going green: Can we travel the world without killing the planet?

They come in the form of small cards, rocks or pieces of wood — the hotel reminders that guests can choose to skip having their towels and sheets washed every day, in a bid to save water and energy. Over the years, they’ve become expected as a base level for a hotel or lodge to show that it’s interested in being environmentally responsible. Guests even notice when, after they have hung their towels to avoid daily washing, they’re still replaced with fresh ones.

How much effect do these hotel linen programs really have?

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