Amazon Prime Members Now Get Discounts at Whole Foods Nationwide

whole foods

After Amazon announced it was acquiring Whole Foods one year ago this month, at least some sort of integration between the two brands appeared inevitable — though the extent and pace of that melding of iconic names was unknown. But outside of maintaining their separate identities, the resulting merger has been pretty significant — from Amazon delivery of Whole Foods groceries to Whole Food selling Amazon products like the Echo and Kindle. And starting this week, one of the biggest crossovers will be complete: Amazon has announced that as of June 27, Prime members will be able to get discounts at Whole Foods and Whole Foods 365 locations nationwide.

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Former Amazon devices executive Ian Freed launches Bamboo Music skill for Alexa

Kids and their parents are getting a new way to use Amazon Echo devices for learning about music. And it’s coming as an Alexa skill from the person who once headed Amazon’s Echo business.

Ian Freed, who left Amazon last year, today officially launched startup Bamboo Learning and its first Alexa skill, Bamboo Music. The skill allows families to learn music theory interactively with Alexa-enabled devices. After saying “Alexa, enable Bamboo Music” or selecting the skill through the Amazon Alexa app, children listen to musical selections and are introduced to music concepts such as notes, scales, chords, tempo, dynamics, and intervals. In addition, they learn to identify the sounds of musical instruments.

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