“Wreck-It Ralph 2 Gets an Official Synopsis & New Image”

Ralph and Vanellope journey to the world wide web in a new image and synopsis from Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. Disney’s animation department found a new hit in 2012 with the release of Wreck-It Ralph. While it may not fit the typical idea of a video game movie, Wreck-It Ralph dived deep into the history of gaming to tell a wild story. Starring John C. Reilly as Ralph, Sarah Silverman as Vanellope, and Jack McBrayer (Fix-It Felix), the heartfelt film was a critical hit, making it no surprise when sequel talks began.

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Marvel Reportedly Cancelling all Disney XD Animated Shows

Marvel’s Disney XD shows have a big fan base encompassing old and young viewers alike. Guardians Of The GalaxySpider-Man, and the various Avengers shows are currently pulling in decent numbers, and above all, they’re a joy to watch.

It’s terrifically sad, then, to hear reports this week from the animation community that Marvel are about to announce the cancellation of all three shows.

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Renegade Animation celebrates 25 years, plans original content

Originally based in a Burbank garage converted into an art studio, Renegade Animation, now based in Glendale, celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, a feat its founders said is due to “tenacity.”

In 1992, cartoon animator Darell Van Citters and producer Ashley Postlewaite drafted a six-month business plan overnight to open an independent animation studio that recruited local talent.

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Beloved ’90s cartoon ‘Animaniacs’ will get a reboot on Hulu

So many people I know will be super excited about this one:

Steven Spielberg’s classic Warner Bros. animated series Animaniacs will return in 2020 thanks to a two-season order from streaming service Hulu. Spielberg will executive produce the series’ revival for Hulu, Warner Bros. Animation and Amblin Television.

Not only will the Emmy Award-winning animated series debut new episodes, the entire back catalog of Animaniacs series will make Hulu its home. This includes the original Animaniacs cartoon, Pinky and the Brain , Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain and Tiny Toon Adventures .

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The best design, art & animation events in 2018: Exhibitions, conferences, festivals & more

Looking for something to do in 2018?  Here are some ideas from Digital Arts Online

We’ve started to bring together the best events and shows for creatives from around the UK – and a few major ones you might want to consider booking a trip to.

We’ve included exhibitions to inspire you, conferences to help build your skills and trade shows to learn about the latest technology that could help you push your work into new areas. We’ll be updating throughout the year as more events are announced, so keep checking back.

We kick off with 11 exhibitions, conferences, classes and festivals, starting with illustrator Sam Gilbey’s (work seen here) live art class in London.

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Artist Creates Hayao Miyazaki Tribute Art for the Animation Master’s 77th Birthday

As the founder of Studio Ghibli and director of masterpieces like My Neighbor TotoroKiki’s Delivery ServicePrincess MononokeSpirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle, animator Hayao Miyazaki has proved an inspiration for generations of artists. Martin Hsu, a former commercial designer for Disney Animation and Nickelodeon and a talented painter and illustrator, is one of the countless artists who finds inspiration in Miyazaki and his work.

Back in 2011, Hsu did a sketch for Miyazaki’s 70th birthday on little more than a whim. Since then, Hsu has made a drawing every year on January 5 to pay his respect to the master, culminating in a series he calls “Morning Strolls.”

“’Morning Strolls’ illustrates Miyazaki-sensei with his eyes closed, deep in thought with a gentle smile, taking a stroll early in the morning somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo,” Hsu tells Nerdist. “In each image, he’s accompanied by imaginary creatures he has created, such as baby Ohmu from Nausicaa [of the Valley of the Wind], Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service, Kodama from Princess Mononoke, and Totoro.”

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Watch a Santa Rosa Cartoonist’s ‘Fire Story’ Come to Life | Up From the Ashes: North Bay Fires | KQED Arts

This is so sad but what an amazing way to tell the story…

Just one day after his house and everything in it burned to the ground, Santa Rosa cartoonist Brian Fies bought some cheap paper, Sharpies, and highlighters, and got to work reporting what he and his wife had seen the night of the fires.

The resulting cartoon came quickly, with more raw edges than Fies’ usual standards, but it was undeniably, unflinchingly honest.

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Batman: Gotham By Gaslight Animated Flick Takes Batman Back To Victorian-Era London | One Angry Gamer

DC Entertainment is working on releasing a new animated feature called Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, featuring the caped crusader going head-to-head against Jack the Ripper. It’s set during the 19th century London, England, borrowing heavily from the one-shot comic book by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola.

A recent featurette was posted up online, featuring an eight minute behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming animated cartoon. They talk about how Batman during the Victorian depiction has him with loser fitt

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