Animation Contracts And The Beast

The recent trend of live action remakes of animated Disney classic shows no signs of slowing down with this week’s news that The Hunchback of Notre Dame is now in development. This year alone will see Dumbo released in March, followed by Aladdin in May, and then photo-realistic CGI hybrid The Lion King in July. While 2020 will definitely see Mulan brought to life, there are release dates that at one time were planned for The Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell as well. With the behind-the-scenes technology advancing at an awe-inspiring rate, it’s the animation contracts that could benefit from some attention and still have a long way to go to protect writers and financially tie them to the success of these updated projects.

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Six indie games that show why we’re in a golden age of video game artistry

For much of video games’ history, building these engines was fantastically labor-intensive and expensive. But in recent years, a suite of new, cheap game-making tools has made it much easier for independent developers and artists to create polished games—and as a result, the world has been blessed with some wonderfully weird and innovative games.

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Stan Lee Gives Powerful Speech on Intolerance in Final Animated Cameo

Stan Lee’s final animated cameo will take place in this Sunday’s episode of Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest, but you can watch it now.

According to the legendary creator will appear in the episode, which is titled “T’Chanda,” alongside guest stars Mark Hamill and Hayley Atwell. The episode will take place in the 1940s and feature Lee as the voice of an army general. The clip shows Lee’s character calling out Arnim Zola for his hatred and threats.

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Academy Voters: You Better Not Overlook These 6 Animated Features In The Oscar Race

Upon the release of Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — and the overwhelmingly positive reactions it received from both the press and in box-office numbers — the awards season narrative shifted from another Disney/Pixar lock in the Best Animated Feature race to the very real possibility of a different studio winning major accolades for the first time since 2012 (when Paramount’s Rango won the Oscar).

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Incredibles Director Brad Bird Developing Live-Action/Animated Musical

Variety interviewed Bird at a “tea party” for the 2019 BAFTAs this weekend, where the filmmaker revealed he’s working on an original live-action musical. The director was hesitant to reveal too much about the project, other than it’s one he’s wanted to make for a “long time” and will feature around 20 minutes of animation in total. He went on to confirm that Michael Giacchino – who’s scored all of Bird’s movies save for Iron Giant – is composing the film’s music.

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