Will Anyone Save the Kentucky Folk Art Center?

Supporters of Kentucky folk art are bewildered by the lack of a concrete plan to save the celebrated Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, the only art museum in Kentucky’s 54 Appalachian counties.

The three-decade-old center with 1,407 works by Kentucky artists — many of whom have pieces in the Smithsonian — is a victim of state funding cuts and Morehead State University cutbacks. But despite early promises by museum owner MSU to save what the Christian Science Monitor called a “Rosetta Stone” for understanding the evolution of folk art, few are satisfied with efforts thus far.

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“Boston Mayor Requests Proposals For Boston Marathon Memorial”

The RFP is open to all arts consultants, artists, architects, landscape architects, historians, scholars or teams with experience in project management, meeting facilitation, design competitions, community engagement, media and marketing campaigns, and museum exhibit design. Experience with public art and those with a background in trauma are encouraged to apply.

The RFP is available here. All questions regarding the RFP are due to the city by April 27. Deadline to submit proposals is June 4. The consultant will be selected in June.

Virtual Reality Has Arrived in the Art World. Now What? – The New York Times

The accelerating development of virtual reality technology – which lets yu escape into another world through a blackout headset – is finally rumbling the art world, always more skeptical than cinema and television about new technologies. A new generation of artists is beginning to produce virtual-realty artworks – some for display in galleries, others freely accessible online – that plunge viewers into fully articulated spaces. Forget contemplative distance; say goodbye to Brechtian alienation. In these works, immersion is all.

The latest technologies promise to uproot artistic conventions, but we’ve heard that before.

Source: Virtual Reality Has Arrived in the Art World. Now What? – The New York Times