Talent, Not Tools, Will Determine the Quality of Your Photography

Talent, Not Tools, Will Determine the Quality of Your Photography

Today, I state the obvious. But sometimes even the most obvious things can be easy to forget.

I got an email yesterday from a talented young photographer. The aspiring professional asked a very logical question, one that I myself would’ve asked when I was just starting out on my journey. How does one become a professional photographer if one can’t afford to purchase a top of the line camera? I responded to the question in a brief manner, stating that talent makes a photographer, not his or her tools. And while that may roll easily off my tongue like any other proposed words of wisdom, I thought it might be helpful for some out there if I were to go a bit further.

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Polaroid: How a square-shaped nostalgia symbol paved the way for social media

Long before Polaroid pictures invoked sun-bleached nostalgia, dreamlike memories and a lust for a bygone analog age, they were considered a flash of impossibly futuristic technology.

When the company’s SX-70 OneStep instant camera was released in 1972, the US was still drafting conscripts for the Vietnam War, the Sony Walkman was seven years away and most people had to wait days — or even weeks — to see the pictures they’d snapped.

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As she battled and beat cancer, Kathryn Dyer found peace and passion through photography

In the latest episode of the sixth season of Adorama’s Through the Lens, the focus is on photographer Kathryn Dyer. Sacramento-based Dyer first forayed into the world of Instagram and became more serious about photography when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband bought a camera for them to share and take Kathryn’s mind off her battle with cancer through nature photography sessions.

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Canon and Nikon are reportedly both planning full-frame mirrorless cameras this year


It’s going to be an exciting year for photographers — finally — as both Canon and Nikon are reportedly planning full-frame mirrorless cameras for debut before the end of 2018. It’s good news for consumers, because it means that both companies have been investing heavily in the next phase of digital photography, and that competition in the mirrorless world is about to heat up.

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How to photograph the July 4th fireworks on your smartphone

Jun 1, 2018; Chicago, IL, USA; Fireworks are seen after

The fireworks were breathtaking. Your smartphone’s pictures were not.

You may have tried to capture the memories of the Fourth of July show and run into this problem. iPhones and Android phones aren’t as versatile for stopping the action as more expensive DSLR and mirrorless cameras, but they’re the cameras in our pockets and the ones most of us will be using.

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Phoenix Photographers Share Tips for Taking Better Pictures This Summer

Wondering if Tempe artist Ashley Czajkowski took this on her last summer vacation.

Odds are, you’ll have a camera in tow just about everywhere you go this summer. Maybe you’ll be taking vacation photos, or just capturing your everyday experiences on the urban landscape.

Either way, the summer months are a great time to up your picture-taking skills. So, we’ve gathered tips from several professional photographers and artists working in metro Phoenix.

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Shooting With Your Subconsciousness To Be A Better Photographer

Shooting With Your Subconsciousness To Be A Better Photographer

Do you often find yourself hesitating when changing the settings on your camera? Are you constantly missing or find yourself unable to get the shot you wanted? Does this sound like an infomercial? Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? Well, you’re in luck because this is not an infomercial but I will nonetheless offer some solutions that photographer Willy Foo shares for these problems!

Foo is a Singaporean event photographer who has been shooting for 18 years. He is one of the most sought-after photographers in Singapore’s event photography scene and once managed a Facebook page with two million followers.

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This Might Be the Best iPhone Housing for Aspiring Surf Photographers

God bless the aspiring surf photographers among us. How anyone could look at pumping surf as a perfect opportunity to sit in the channel and take pictures of their friends getting the waves of their lives without selfishly wanting a piece of the action for themselves I’ll never know. Still, it seems these days there are more and more guys and gals willing to do just that. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s easier than ever to share photos on Instagram and the like. Or, maybe that everyone walks around with a camera in their pocket anyway nowadays (that is to say a smartphone), so using it to take photos of surfing is just a natural extension.

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