Need A Creative Idea In 10 Minutes? Play With The Stuff On Your Desk

If there’s one prerequisite to creativity, Birsel believes it’s a sense of fun, a “playful spirit,” unlike the mind-set that rote or analytical tasks usually demand. “When you’re in a playful mode, you’re less of afraid of making mistakes and you’re less judgmental, which is really key to any creative endeavor. That little voice in your head that says, ‘Well that’s a bad idea!’–it’s the worst possible friction to creativity.”

By playing with the stuff on your desk for 10 minutes, “You’re not trying to prove that you’re the most creative person in the room,” she adds, you’re just trying to silence that voice and start having fun.

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Should Education Focus Less On The Creative Arts, More On The Art Of Creativity?

We have a problem in our country right now. Like the energy crisis of the 1970s, we now have a creativity crisis brewing in our schools. And in as little as ten years it will directly affect all businesses, particularly in marketing. However, I have a possible solution. Let’s reframe how we look at creativity in public schools from a series of downstream talents (e.g. music, theater and the visual arts) to a more upstream lifeskill that can be applied to all aspects of a student’s life …

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Can Travel Make You More Creative? – Vogue

When faced with a creative block, common wisdom suggests you go for a walk, exercise, even take a nap. All three have a common thread, of course: creating distance and taking a mental break from the task at hand. So it stands to reason that really getting away, say, on a vacation, would be the ultimate cure, right? For the deskbound wanderlusters among us, the answer is thankfully, yes. New research suggests travel can increase your levels of creativity and cause an uptick in your mind’s ability to produce positive thoughts, leading you to a happier, more inspired version of you.

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Art can be a powerful medicine against dementia | The Guardian

The more I hear evidence like this, the more I question why the homes & hospitals we Americans tend to put our Senior Citizens in, have bare walls and allow solitary lifestyles.  Activity rooms focus on mundane activities instead of creative pursuits.  Why is it we just don’t “get” this?  When will it change?  Healing & Wellness includes the betterment of the soul – and we all know ART is what feeds the soul.  Why are we starving our Seniors of this requirement?

A few weeks ago, turning on the radio, I hear a voice saying that creative writing can help wounds heal faster. Startled, I turn the volume up. Volunteers were given small wounds; half were then asked to write about something distressing in their life, the other half about something mundane. The wounds of the confessional writers healed substantially more quickly. A thought or a feeling is felt on the skin. Our minds, which have power over our bodies, are in our bodies and are our bodies: we cannot separate

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Humans and machines can make beautiful music together.

A very interesting read!

The human-machine dynamic is often framed in terms of conflict. At least that’s how it feels these days. We’re fighting the machines everywhere—certainly in the movies, but also on the Go board, on the Jeopardy! stage, and in the workplace. You can’t even make a travel reservation or read your email without wondering, Was that sent by a bot or a real person?

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