Celebrating cultural reclamation through dance, song and art

(Steve Quinn)

As soon as dance leader David A. Boxley strikes his deer-hide drum, he’s ready to celebrate.

What follows is one of nearly 50 dance group performances spanning four days on the main stage at Juneau’s Centennial Hall.

The shows represent a journey led by nearly 2,000 dancers into this region’s Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures and centuries-old histories.

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Modern Dance Photography Showcases Ballet Dancers in Buenos Aires

Beautiful work!

Photographer Omar Z. Robles documents the beauty of people and places around the work through his exquisite dance photography. For years, we’ve loved “traveling” with him to locales that have included New York City, Havana, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and more recently, Santiago, Chile. Each gives us a sense of the city’s flavor, both in terms of architecture as well as ballet culture. Robles celebrates the individuality of a place by showcasing its unique buildings that are punctuated by the powerful, graceful movements of talented dancers.

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Art Moves Me: Therapeutic dance program for Parkinson’s | WBFO

I’m starting to see more of these show up all the time – such a great thing to see!

You might not expect to find a therapeutic dance program occurring in the middle of an art center. But that’s exactly what’s taking place each Wednesday morning, now through December, at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.  WBFO’s senior reporter Eileen Buckley tells us how the Art Moves Me dance program is helping people with Parkinson’s disease.

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Art can be a powerful medicine against dementia | The Guardian

The more I hear evidence like this, the more I question why the homes & hospitals we Americans tend to put our Senior Citizens in, have bare walls and allow solitary lifestyles.  Activity rooms focus on mundane activities instead of creative pursuits.  Why is it we just don’t “get” this?  When will it change?  Healing & Wellness includes the betterment of the soul – and we all know ART is what feeds the soul.  Why are we starving our Seniors of this requirement?

A few weeks ago, turning on the radio, I hear a voice saying that creative writing can help wounds heal faster. Startled, I turn the volume up. Volunteers were given small wounds; half were then asked to write about something distressing in their life, the other half about something mundane. The wounds of the confessional writers healed substantially more quickly. A thought or a feeling is felt on the skin. Our minds, which have power over our bodies, are in our bodies and are our bodies: we cannot separate

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Katy Perry Launches Dance Contest for ‘Swish Swish’ Video 

Katy Perry launched a new competition to find a dancer to star in the forthcoming video for her Nicki Minaj-featuring single “Swish Swish,” off her new album Witness. Perry is hosting the competition alongside the dance entertainment platform, DanceOn.

Those that think they can dance in the “Swish Swish” clip can upload a video of their best choreography to YouTube, Instagram or Musica.ly with the hashtag #SwishSwishChallenge. All submissions should also tag Perry (@katyperry) and DanceOn (@danceon).

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Allegro Dance Project performs “In Our Element” at Lyric Theatre

What a beautiful idea & story.

A few years ago, Lexington dancer Jeana Klevene was teaching one of her open adult ballet classes when one student caught her attention: a young man with autism. The student focused his body on dancing and put all his energy into the class, Klevene said.That student gave Klevene an idea for what is now Allegro Dance Project, a Lexington-based contemporary dance company with an outreach program for children with autism, Down syndrome or other specific needs.

Full story :  Allegro Dance Project performs “In Our Element” at Lyric Theatre | Lexington Herald Leader