Levitt Pavilion’s community outreach includes free music lessons, instruments for kids

A year ago, the Levitt Pavilion opened in Denver’s Ruby Hill Park, giving the community free access to 50 concerts a year from a wide array of musical genres.

But just as important as that, the Pavilion is helping to bring music into the lives of people in the surrounding neighborhoods through programs like Band Start. Band Start provides free music lessons to kids in the Ruby Hill/Godsman area through a partnership with Swallow Hill Music and Great Divide Brewing Company.

This summer, seven girls are taking part in the program, attending weekly guitar classes at Schmitt Elementary in hopes of someday being Rock Stars.

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40 Can’t-Miss Shows at The 2018 Underground Music Showcase

Spotlighting indie music, the Underground Music Showcase is the perfect opportunity for any music-lover to discover the next big thing or even their personal next favorite thing. With over 300 performances taking place over the course of only three days, there’s a plethora of talent to sort through. And though there are more incredible performances on the lineup than we can even count, here are some that we’re really looking forward to. In addition, we recommend you go here for the UMS Spotify integration where Spotify makes your very own UMS playlist based on your musical tastes.

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A Ramble Through the Art at the Ramble Hotel

Deborah Oropallo's "The Lion Tamer" hangs by the Ramble's front desk.

The Ramble Hotel, the latest in Denver boutique stays with a wonderful collection of art, opened last month at 1280 25th Street, at the edge of RiNo. The art in the fifty-room hotel was curated by NINE dot ARTS, a Denver-based venture that placed over 250 works on the walls, many of them by local artists.

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“MCA is Going to Let You Borrow Its Local Art”

What a cool idea!

MCA Denver, Octopus Initiative

Do you like looking at art, but feel as if you can’t afford anything original for your own home? If that’s the case, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA) wants to fix it, at least temporarily. They’ve just announced the “Octopus Initiative” — a program where local Denver artists create original works of art for a lending library that anyone in Metro Denver can borrow from for up to one year. Launching with a party on March 15, 2018, where penny admission lets you in for just one cent between 4 and 9 p.m., the Octopus Initiative deserves a standing ovation for its inventiveness and inclusiveness. The idea comes from a desire from many in the art community to make art collecting, purchasing and appreciating more approachable. Continue reading ““MCA is Going to Let You Borrow Its Local Art””

At the Denver Airport, Art Fuels Conspiracy Theorists

Sigh…. Is this another case of “This is why we can’t have nice things?” syndrome?  🙁

Take, for example, two murals by Leo Tanguma that have long been cited by conspiracy theorists as “evidence” of either a secret masonic apocalypse shelter, an alien colony, or a secret CIA base beneath passengers’ feet. (Most of the conspiracy theories surrounding DIA claim that there are up to six additional levels concealed beneath the airport.) Tanguma’s murals, “In Peace and Harmony with Nature” and “Children of the World Dream of Peace,” have been at the center of conspiracy theories because of their a

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