With nearly 125000 attending in 2018, Sundance Film Festival is a major economic draw, study says

With nearly 125,000 attending in 2018, Sundance Film Festival is a major economic draw, study says

The Sundance Film Festival is reclaiming its title as Utah’s most popular arts happening, with a new economic study that estimates nearly 125,000 people attended this January’s event.

The number of attendees — 124,985 — is more than the estimated 100,000 who attend the FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention every year. FanX, formerly called Salt Lake Comic-Con, had surpassed Sundance as the state’s most-attended cultural event when the convention debuted in 2013.

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You Don’t See Poor People In Travel Memoirs Because You’ve Already Assumed We Don’t Travel

But there’s the rub: Many people, when I tell them about my background — that I grew up poor, in a neighborhood where free lunch programs and social services were the norm, as a Mexican-American in a small town — figure that I never traveled until later in life. They figure that I had never explored faraway places or eaten different types of foods or that I hadn’t talked to people outside of my family and social circles until after I went to a prestigious university and got a journalism degree that opened up many doors. They figure that those experiences — the ones that came in adulthood — are the real reasons I’m so well-versed in travel. But, in doing so — in creating these narratives of poor or working class or minority families and how devoid of travel and cultural experiences we are — they belittle our experiences. They belittle us.

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How to travel free or nearly free this summer

PHOTO: A couple is seen having fun by the sea in this undated stock photo.

Let’s face it: even the least expensive vacations can add up fast. But for friends, couples, families and singles desperate to get away this summer, there are a few ways to travel on the very cheap. Like, free — or at least almost free.

We’ve rounded up a few lesser-known sites that those in the know have known about for years. While some of these budget travel sites are relatively new, a few have been around for years – allowing countless people to travel for next to nothing.

Here are a list of our favorites:

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