Photographer Accused of Using Too Much Photoshop Shares Before and After Images

Photo Manipulation Photography by Lilia Alvarado

Photographer Lilia Alvarado captures the whimsical and carefree moments of childhood. Her passion for photography began after the birth of her twin daughters, Annabella and Juliette, who are often the subjects of her stunning fine art portraits. However, when Alvarado recently posted a photo she was proud of on Instagram, she was surprised to receive comments that questioned if it was over-edited. Since then, she’s made it her mission to raise awareness about the history of photography and challenge the preconceptions of photo manipulation. To do so, she’s revealed side-by-side images of her shots before and after editing.

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The 10 Best Laptops for Photographers

Photographers who spend hours painstakingly laboring over a photo’s every pixel require a machine with speedy performance, a decent graphics card and a fast hard drive. Of course, the most important laptop component for photographers is a beautiful display capable of accurately reproducing a wide range of colors.

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How To Edit Pictures With Lightroom Photography Tools

Contrary to what your favorite Instagram accounts may have you believe, you don’t need studio lighting, zoom lenses, tripods, and reflector discs to take a really good picture. You certainly don’t need studio space or a team of assistants. All you need is your phone. Your phone is the ultimate way to share your life, allowing you to take any mundane or unexpected activity and turn it into art — or at the very least, a lasting memory. All you have to do is point, snap, edit, and upload.

In partnership with Adobe Lightroom CC, we tapped eight artists to do just that. Armed with only a camera and the Lightroom app, they divulged how they make art from the most unexpected sources of inspiration: from the seeds on a sandwich bun to the contrasting geometry between buildings and plants. Ahead, each artist takes us behind the scenes of their photography, from beginning to end, and every editing step in between. (Of course, not all of us are experts in this area, so make sure you brush up on the basics before getting started with your own mobile editing.)

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“This Family’s Hilarious Photoshoot Went Viral Due to Some, Uh, Heavy Retouching”


Over the weekend, Pam Zaring shared the final, retouched images from her recent family photoshoot in St. Louis, which made her family look like — for lack of a better description — soulless, razor-toothed creatures who emerged from the nearby lake.

Zaring said the photoshoot happened back in May, and it’s apparently taken this long for the photographer to figure out how to edit them. After nearly a year, this is what she was sent. Brace yourselves.

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