A Chicago Teacher Started a ‘Black Panther’ Curriculum for Students


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The wave of positivity and success surrounding Black Panther has inspired many, including Chicago sixth-grade teacher Tess Raser, who shared her Wakanda Curriculum on Twitter and now plans to build an entire lesson plan around it. The two-part curriculum is meant to educate students on African colonialism and American racism, using the film to drive the discussion, as well as offer insight beyond typical Eurocentric history taught in classrooms.

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New Hotel Industry Program to Offer Debt-Free College Degrees to Employees

More industries need to do this … build your future workforce.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) and its foundation arm, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation (AHLEF), have debuted a pilot program to offer higher education pathways to the hospitality workforce at little or no cost to the employee, made possible through a partnership with Pearson. Eligible employees of 10 participating hotel companies across 1,500 properties will be able to complete a free associate degree and a low-cost bachelor’s degree. Continue reading “New Hotel Industry Program to Offer Debt-Free College Degrees to Employees”

The Art School Survival Guide | HuffPost

This is full of what seems to be good advice.  This is the kind of info I hear from art students all the time.

An education in art can be a wonderful thing. But if we’re being real, it also fosters a weird environment, full of pretentious kids who think they’re the next Dali. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying film, writing, painting, or design, the arts attract a motley crew of people, all of whom believe they’re the real tastemaker. That being said, it can also not be a complete waste of money if you take the time to grow new creative friendships and accept that you have a lot to learn before success finds you. So if you’re about to start your first semester or heading into your next, we’ve got you covered with some helpful pointers to make your art school experience a tiny bit more bearable.

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Splash of color added to Newark Avenue, courtesy of art students (PHOTOS) | NJ.com

Beautiful flowers are popping up along along Newark Avenue in Jersey City — and as a bonus, they never need to be watered.

The flowers — and other incredible designs — are being painted by Jersey City high school students in the planters all along the busy stretch of roadway. The project, under the guidance of teacher Danielle Scott, is being completed by 26 students from Snyder, Dickinson, Ferris and McNair high schools.

Great use of HS Art Students!  Let them get involved.  It helps them to develop “real world” art skills and to take pride in their community.  Why more High Schools don’t do projects like this is something I’ve never understood.

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Universities Ditch Books for Digitization | theTrumpet.com

Controversy erupted at the University of California–Santa Cruz when 60 percent of its printed materials were removed from the Science & Engineering Library. Faculty members were outraged that approximately 80,000 books valued between $2-$6 million were hauled off campus or destroyed without their consultation. A proposal to remove 90 percent of written material from the Cabot Science Library at Harvard was scaled back by the faculty there.

The more I think about this story, the angrier I become.

It’s not the fact that the schools are going “digital” – that’s fine if their students are happy with that decision and I understand how much easier it probably is to manage their inventory & to provide open spaces in the library for the students.

No, what has me upset is that in some cases these “schools” are DESTROYING printed books when they make the transfer to digital.  How could they do this?

I cover stories on a weekly basis of schools desperately reaching out for book donations, of schools trying to find money in their budgets to add to a sub-par library.  Why would they do this when there are so many other options available?  Donate the unwanted tomes, hell – even sell them if you want some type of payoff for disposing of them.  But to just out-and-out destroy them?!

Shame.  Shame on you.  Shame on you for destroying the books, shame of you for apparently not even considering other options but most of all – shame on you for calling yourself a “school” or “educator”.  You are not worried about “educating” people, at least not as much as you are worried about making a profit.

I just find this all so very, very sad.

Source: Universities Ditch Books for Digitization | theTrumpet.com

The Reverb Nation Guide To Basic Music Theory: Part 1 | ReverbNation Blog

This is part one of a special ReverbNation basic music theory guide. By the end of this guide, you’ll have everything you need to understand intervals, scales, chords, the circle of 5ths and other important music theory ideas. But before I walk you through the basic principles found in music theory, I need to tell you why it’s such an important thing for musicians to become familiar with.

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Clemson grad who rapped dissertation hired at University of Virginia 

Last month, Carson moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, to take on the role of assistant professor of hip-hop and the global south at the University of Virginia’s McIntire Department of Music.

“In my mind, I’m thinking about the hip-hop world. I’m making music — I’m still a part of this world,” Carson said. “If the music is not dope, if I’m not a dope emcee, if I’m not good at what I do, then this all means very little.”

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