Night Nation Run draws 8,000 for running music festival | TribLIVE

What cool event idea!!

Because it wasn’t just the electronic dance music reverberating through the air, causing the sidewalks to pulse under your feet. It was the mass who showed up—millennials, the older and wiser, those still occupying strollers, and everything in between—who not only caused traffic to stop, but inspired a wall of curious onlookers along N. Shore Drive. iPhones in the air, waiting to capture the moment when 8,000 people shot out from the starting line under fog machines, spot lights, and enough energy to short circuit the grid as Night Nation Run officially unleashed itself on the city.

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City again un-expects art deluge

Be honest now – how often do you think of locations like Fort Smith, Arkansas as a hub for international art events?  Love ideas like this and I think it would be good for so many communities to have similar events.


The Unexpected is expected later this month to add another layer of colorful and sometimes bizarre public art that is turning downtown into an international art gallery.Officials with the Unexpected announced the third group of urban contemporary artists from around the world who will focus on more than just the murals that have brightened downtown in the two earlier installments.

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