Where To Eat This New York City Restaurant Week

New York City Restaurant Week returns on January 21, offering two-course lunches for $26 and three-course dinners for $42 at hundreds of restaurants across the city. Running through February 8, the twice-yearly stretch of specials not only allows diners to grab a seat at an otherwise prohibitively expensive eatery, but also brings out some creative seasonal specials from kitchens eager to celebrate Restaurant Week. Yes, the ingredients featured on the prix-fixe menus are occasionally lower in price than standard menu items, but the quality and technique with which they are prepared is identical to the standard any diner should expect. Book a table at one of these New York City restaurants for a great deal this winter.

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Disney’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival menus released

Start making your foodie plan of attack by perusing the newly released menus for this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. The event will be held from Aug. 30-Nov. 12. Park admission is required.

This year’s festival doesn’t have as many new marketplaces as last year: the Shimmering Sips Mimosa Bar. The Festival Center Wine Shop will serve food and drink as well.

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Backyard event supports music scholarships

Backyard Concerts, House Parties & Listening Parties are all great ideas for fundraising for music education!

Backyard event supports music scholarships

Rock music could be heard floating over the rooftops on Cedar Street in Oneonta on Sunday. Printed signs on telephone phones invited passersby to “support local musicians” with arrows pointing to a residential driveway.

It was a backyard party, a barbecue, an outdoor music concert billed as “A Celebration of Local Musicians,” and a fundraiser. The bi-annual event is in support of the Gary Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund. Al Cleinman, a local businessman, hosts the event in his backyard. The event is free with a suggested donation to the scholarship fund.

The scholarship fund grants award money to two middle schoolers and two graduating seniors from the Oneonta school district to continue their musical passions.

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Flavored Nation in Columbus features one iconic food from every state (can you guess Ohio’s?)


50 booths, 50 food items, one from each state
If you had to pick one food item to represent Ohio, what would it be?

Cincinnati chili, pierogi, corn on the cob? Good answers all, but Richard Gore, a native New Yorker, came up with a sweeter choice: Buckeyes, the chocolate and peanut butter concoction made to look like a nut.

You’ll get to sample Ohio buckeyes – plus a food item representing each of the country’s 49 other states – at the inaugural Flavored Nation food event, coming to Columbus next month.

There will be 50 booths with 50 chefs creating one iconic food dish from every state.

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Literature events company to create ‘immersive’ festival performances

Very excited to hear about this and hope the idea spreads.  I’ve wanted to do something similar for years.  I used to have a notebook of “literary themes” to work from for parties, especially viewing parties with books made into films.  Love the idea of whole festivals built around it!  If you want to “escape” reality, why not go “all in”, eh? 🙂

I’d really like to see regional literary festivals throughout the USA much the way you find Renaissance Festivals with a different book chosen each year for each festival.  Would be so much fun!  Books would have to be chosen a year or two in advance though to allow time for cosplayers and set designs, but so fun!

A new literature events company called Story Machine Productions plans to “revolutionise the experience of books” by creating “immersive performances” at festivals inspired by book content alone.

The outfit – spearheaded by Norwich publisher Sam Ruddock (pictured), a former Waterstones bookseller – aims “to do for literature and human knowledge what Secret Cinema has done for film: create exciting celebrations of the written word”. This it will do by remaining “100% faithful” to chosen texts while working with filmmakers, dancers, actors, musicians and visual artists to widen their appeal, presenting what it hopes will be a creative new platform for publishers and authors to promote their books and “stand out in a crowded marketplace”.

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“You Can Now Rent An Entire Hotel In Sydney Through Airbnb For Just $15k”

Honestly, this isn’t that unusual.  Many hotels, especially smaller ones like boutique inns, have a “full” or “partial” buy-out options.  Often used for weddings, reunions, retreats, etc.  If you’re curious just ask.  I suggest planning WELL in advance though as it can be difficult to move existing reservations around.  Don’t forget to ask about any Food & Beverage requirements as some properties will require a certain amount of $$ be spent at their various outlets.

Excuse me, but did you enjoy the film The Grand Budapest Hotel? What about The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? You likey The Shining? If so, chances are you bloody love a good hotel. And fair enough – a good hotel reminds you why domestic living is extraordinary, showcases the bliss to be found in mundane tasks like sitting at a desk to write a note with a pencil, and confirms your mother’s insistence that a freshly made bed is important.

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The Reader’s guide to the 2018 Pitchfork Music Festival

You have until noon on Thursday, July 19, to enter our - Pitchfork cover contest. - JASON WYATT FREDERICK

When Pitchfork curated the Intonation Music Festival in 2005, the concept was relatively novel: a big, multiday outdoor festival dedicated to indie music. But in 2018, outdoor fests of all stripes (a few of them significantly more esoteric than Pitchfork) clog concert calendars all over the country. Some similar events have gone belly-up—this summer’s FYF Fest, for example, was canceled in May—but Pitchfork has continued to evolve and thrive, becoming one of the most respected festivals in the country.

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Detroit Festival of Books happening this weekend at Eastern Market

Books lovers from across the area will converge on Detroit’s Eastern Market this weekend for the 2nd annual Detroit Festival of Books.

Hundreds of people showed up for the used & rare books festival in its first year last year, and thousands are expected for the event on Sunday, July 15. You can find the festival inside Sheds 5 & 6 at Eastern Market.

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Shooting With Your Subconsciousness To Be A Better Photographer

Shooting With Your Subconsciousness To Be A Better Photographer

Do you often find yourself hesitating when changing the settings on your camera? Are you constantly missing or find yourself unable to get the shot you wanted? Does this sound like an infomercial? Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? Well, you’re in luck because this is not an infomercial but I will nonetheless offer some solutions that photographer Willy Foo shares for these problems!

Foo is a Singaporean event photographer who has been shooting for 18 years. He is one of the most sought-after photographers in Singapore’s event photography scene and once managed a Facebook page with two million followers.

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