Michigan family sells their home to travel the world with young daughter

Source: WXMI

A Michigan couple and their young daughter are trading in their careers to travel the world and grow closer as a family.

Ben and Kelly Lutz are selling their home and heading to Europe. Then they’re going to Southeast Asia, then to Germany and then likely a few more stops before heading back to the mitten state.

The young couple, along with their young daughter Liesel, is taking a break from the rat race and traveling the world.

“House is gone, jobs are gone,” they said.

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The greatest family travel scavenger hunt

What is the point of travel? Why do we spend our time and money seeing new places — or old places in new ways? And why bother bringing our children along? What’s in it for us, and them?

One of the answers to that question is that travel changes us for the better. We learn more about the world, understand cultures or environments that differ from our own, and discover personal biases, predilections and fears as well as new joys, passions and people. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness,” wrote the globetrotting Mark Twain.

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Summer mural project empowers community youth through public art

The 2018 Youth Mural Project will give young artists the platform to explore their creativity and showcase their work from July 11-13 with a youth mural project this summer with the Illinois Art Station (IAS).

The community public reveal will be held from 2-3:30 p.m.Saturday, July 14, 2018. The project provides youth an opportunity to learn basic skills in mural painting and visual representations, while exploring issues of community. The reveal will be held on Constitution Trail, at the Washington Street bridge tunnel near Atwood-Wayside Herb Garden.

“The empowerment that comes from knowing that the work and vision you put into a mural has the ability to become a memorable backdrop to the lives of people in a community, is a great feeling for all artists,” teaching artist Jeremy Langston said. “It’s great to give young artists an opportunity to share in that sense of accomplishment while contributing to the culture of the place they live in.”

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6 Ways to Transform Family Travel

FOR MANY FAMILIES, summer is a time to hit the open road or fly to a far-off place. But it’s not the destination that matters. Traveling together is your chance to get everyone’s attention off their digital devices and onto each other as you experience something new.

With so much quality time together, your family trip is the perfect training ground to teach your kids the social and emotional skills they need to thrive in the real world. We’re talking things like resourcefulness, planning, compromise, compassion, bravery and communication.

By taking a few simple steps, you can make it not only a fun and memorable summer trip but a learning experience as well.

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Kids Don’t Just See Art at This Show. They Work With the Artists, Too.

A young girl with waist-length golden hair entered a small room where a woman sat at a spinning wheel. Fascinated, the girl approached the device swiftly. Although the scene was in a modern museum, it had the feel of a fairy tale. A powerful spell had indeed been cast, and it was working: Amelia Salenger, the 4-year-old visitor, was becoming enchanted by contemporary art.

“Have you ever heard the story of Rumpelstiltskin?” the weaver, Deborah L. Morris, asked the child. “Do you want to see how this works?”

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Edinburgh mum-of-two on writing a children’s book to help sons understand dad’s terminal illness

TO Harry Broadbent, his dad is a superhero.

But the five-year-old knows he might not always fly by his side.

Harry’s mum Michaelagh has penned a children’s book to help her two sons understand their dad’s terminal illness.

And the Edinburgh-based author hopes My Daddy Is A Superhero, published this month, will help other families like hers.

“I’m not a grief counsellor or child psychologist, I’m a mum who has written this from her heart in a way that I want my children to hear it,” said Boston-born Michaelagh.

Her first book is an illustrated poem that celebrates her husband, Harry.

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Maria claims Macmillan Prize for Illustration


Anglia Ruskin University student Maria J Guarda has won this year’s Macmillan Prize for Illustration with her story of a family in exile.

Maria, who is originally from Santiago, Chile, and now lives in Cambridge where she is a student on the MA Children’s Book Illustration course at the Cambridge School of Art, won the award for her work ‘Paloma Flew’. The work shows a family struggling with a life away from their own country and is told through the eyes of a young girl.

Anglia Ruskin also claimed third prize thanks to Marina Ruiz’s ‘Your Home, My Home’, while the runner-up award went to Soojin Kwak from the Kingston School of Art.

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