The 101 most iconic restaurant dishes in America

Iconic dishes occupy a lofty position in the American culinary landscape. They’re the dishes that we make pilgrimages to, the ones that are on The Great Foodie Bucket List, the ones that you can’t leave town without trying. They’re dishes that in many cases can only be found at one restaurant, and those experiencing them for the first time do so in quiet reverence. They’re the dishes that really are that good. In other words, these are the 101 dishes that you really should make an effort to try at some point.


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Disney’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival menus released

Start making your foodie plan of attack by perusing the newly released menus for this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. The event will be held from Aug. 30-Nov. 12. Park admission is required.

This year’s festival doesn’t have as many new marketplaces as last year: the Shimmering Sips Mimosa Bar. The Festival Center Wine Shop will serve food and drink as well.

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Food waste is at crisis levels. It’s time to start rehashing our leftovers

Not going to lie – food waste drives me absolutely CRAZY!


Food waste is a huge problem in developed countries, and has been reaching crisis levels in the UK for a few years. There have been cries to stop the “buy one get one free” and multi-buy offers in supermarkets, and various other calls to try and stop us wasting so much food. For some experiencing the hard end of food poverty, the image of wasted food is like a punch in the gut. If somebody has been hungry over a sustained period of time, it seems almost cruel to flaunt the sheer scale of wastage we have in the UK. There are legal barriers and loopholes to stop food being redistributed much of the time: some charities, such as FareShare, are doing an amazing job in highlighting the issues and redistributing food to where it’s needed most, but so much more still remains to be done.

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Can Taste Be Subject To Copyright?

Chefs and avid restaurant diners may want to follow an issue that has the legal community abuzz. A new and curious recent court ruling over cheese has broad ramifications for the food industry as we know it.

The question at hand: is it possible to copyright taste?

Although the subject matter of sensory copyright is vast and often confusing to those outside the legal community, the case of Heks’nkaas (“witches’ cheese”) is an interesting one. According to the company, Levola, who bought the recipe for the cheese spread from a local grocery in 2011, it should be allowed to copyright its cheese spread due to its unique taste. The case was initially dismissed, but has been brought before another court, The District Court in The Hague to revisit the ruling.

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Best Lenses for Food Photography


If you’re looking for the best lens for food photography, you’ve come to the right place. As with a few other photography niches where it’s crucial to capture images as they look in real life (or better), an important factor to consider when shooting food is the focal length of the lens and your camera’s sensor size.

Before you purchase lenses (or any camera equipment at all, if you’re just starting out) for food photography, know that sensor size matters big time. Therefore, many professionals will tell you that investing in a full-frame camera will prove to be advantageous for virtually every photographic need.

But even if you already own a camera with a cropped sensor, you should still consider purchasing lenses that are compatible with full-frame cameras so you can still use them once you upgrade your gear.

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Starting in 2020, many businesses must keep food out of the garbage

The Metro Council voted Thursday in favor of an ordinance that will require some types of businesses in greater Portland to separate their food scraps from the garbage.

This means that, starting in March 2020, businesses that generate 1,000 pounds or more of food scraps per week must collect their food scraps separately from garbage. The program will roll out over five years. Eventually, almost 3,000 businesses, including schools, will be required to separate their food scraps. Businesses that generate less than 250 pounds of food scraps per week will not be subject to the requirement.

Businesses in the Portland area already have to separate recyclables like metal, paper and glass from their trash.

So why add food scraps – stuff such as eggshells, bones and peels – to this list?

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5 foods worth making from scratch

woman baking pie

I’ve found it simply doesn’t make sense to make some foods yourself, even if they cost a little less to make them from scratch. Bagels would be at the top of that list for me. The time it takes to make them, along with the fact that many local bakeries do an infinitely better job than I can, makes it worth it to spend the extra money for bagels.

On the other hand, buying packaged taco seasoning seems like a ridiculous waste of money to me. When I use the spices I already have in my kitchen, it’s almost as if the taco seasoning is free.

Each home cook will feel differently about what makes sense to make from scratch and what makes sense to purchase pre-made (even if it costs a little more), depending on how much time they have and their cooking skills. With that said, here are some of the foods I think are perfect candidates to make from scratch to save money.

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