Spend a summer’s evening at London’s 5 best street-food markets

Open-air food markets have become a new genre of summer entertainment, with late opening hours and a festival atmosphere. From bao buns in west London to roast pork in south east and the finest drinks to wash all the irresistibly Instagrammable food down with, this is the GQ edit of the very best street food destinations the capital has to offer…

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5 Foods That Make Anxiety Worse, Because Comfort Food Isn’t Always That Comforting

It’s no secret that what you eat affects how you feel, not to mention how you feel affects how you eat. The problem, though, is that oftentimes, the snacks you might be apt to reach for to make yourself feel better when you’re anxious or stressed, might actually be foods that make anxiety worse. But listen: It’s not impossible to find comfort foods that taste amazing and settle your nerves. You just have to get a little creative when you put together your plate.

However, it’s important to note that, while there are definitely foods that are generally worse for your anxiety levels than others, Lindsey Smith, aka the Food Mood Girl, a nationally recognized author, speaker, and health coach, says it’s just as crucial to remember that everybody (and every body) is different, and therefore, the foods that make you feel better during a bout of anxiety may change from person to person. “Every body is different and bio-individual, so what feels good to some person, might not jive with another,” she tells Elite Daily. “Since we live in a world that labels food as ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ I think it’s crucial to start tapping into what works for you.”

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$4 million grant will help divert food waste to hungry


In New York alone, 250,000 tons of food are wasted annually by the state’s largest food scrap generators, such as supermarkets, restaurants, colleges, and hospitals.

According to the N.Y. Department for Environmental Conservation (DEC), if just 5% of that food was donated, food banks would see a 20% increase in food available for consumption.

Instead, most of the food goes to landfills and incinerators, where it’s not only being wasted, but also contributes to our emissions of greenhouse gases.

A $4 million-dollar grant from the DEC will help food scrap generators divert food waste away from landfills and to people who need it.

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Diamonds, caviar and the Instagram-famous: Inside America’s most exclusive food festival

Bottles of champagne sit on ice awaiting tasters during

Wandering the parties, tents and secret gatherings surrounding the nation’s most exclusive food festival brings a question to many lips: “Can this be real?”

Look one direction and you might see Gwyneth Paltrow posing for photos with new friends. In another, Matthew McConaughey is sipping bourbon with admirers of both the spirit and his career. Get jostled in a crowd and you might accidentally step on the clogged foot of celebrity chef Rick Bayliss, or maybe you’ll be eating breakfast and mustachioed Top Chef contestant Joe Sasto will appear to judge an egg-cooking competition.


The Ten Most Popular Dishes in the Country, According to Yelp

Spoiler alert: The country loves seafood.

So you picked a place to eat. Chances are, if you’re going out to dinner with a group, it took forever to come to a consensus. Some people want pasta, other people are gluten-free. The process almost takes the joy out of going out to eat. Once you did finally arrive at a restaurant, though, another challenge presented itself. You might have used Yelp to find the spot—if you trust reviews from the public—which takes some of the guesswork out of finding a restaurant with tasty food and good service. But now, what to order? Thanks to a new feature, released today, you can see what other people are enjoying, too.

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These Companies Upcycle Food Waste Into New (Not Necessarily Food) Products

Earlier this week, I read a fascinating piece by Fast Company predicting that the fashion of the future would be made from food waste. They were referencing Agraloop, a technology from Circular Systems which turns food crop waste, such as sugar cane bark, pineapple leaves, and hemp stalks, into low-cost natural fibers.

By diverting food waste from five widespread cash crops into a new production channel, Agraloop would be able to create 250M tons of natural fiber annually while reducing crop burn pollution and methane emissions. This April, Circular Systems won a $350,000 Global Change Award grant from the H&M Foundation to scale up its operations and is in the midst of developing partnerships with global brands like H&M and Levis.

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8 ways to stop wasting money when buying food

groceries woman shopping reuters

For most of us, going grocery shopping is one of the most dreaded chores we do every week. The lines are long, it’s not usually a fun experience, and worst of all, it can be really expensive. According to GoBankingRates, the average American spends around $300 per month on groceries, and as Fool reported, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that in 2014, families spent $2,787 on restaurants and takeout on average over the course of the year. That really adds up, but there are definitely ways to cut that number down if you’d rather spend your money elsewhere.

When it comes to food spending, it’s common to make a few mistakes, but fortunately, most of these mistakes are very easy to correct if you’re willing to change your habits and learn a few new tricks.

Here are a few ways you’re throwing your money away on food.


This Airline Is Bringing Restaurant-style Service to Its Flights

Cathay Pacific

You can usually expect a fine dining experience when you’re traveling business class, but one airline is taking premium class meals to a new level.

Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific is bringing a five-star restaurant experience to its dining service on Boeing 777 flights to Chicago in July, to further expand to 34 destinations by June 2019.

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