2018 Custom PC Guide for Photography and Video

2018 Custom PC Guide for Photography and Video

Last week Apple introduced new MacBook Pro models and the prices already initiated discussions. Maybe it is still better to build a custom PC for getting the bang for the buck.

Without a doubt, the newly introduced MacBook Pro and iMac Pro are great computers, but they are not the best. For the last couple of years, upgrading is impossible on MacBook Pros, and this doesn’t seem to be changed on the new releases. Also, the pricing strategy on customizing is ridiculous as RAM and hard drive prices doubles when you want to upgrade. Apple is already charging for the base components, however for each upgrade, you need to pay more than the actual price of the component. This has been an Apple classic for a long time, and I don’t think even the newly introduced 6-core processors will save the brand’s reputation.

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The 2018 Iowa Summer Music Festival Guide

The music festival scene in Iowa gets bigger and better every year! It’s an exciting time for live music fans in our state, but it can also get a little overwhelming if you’re trying to make plans for the summer. We’re here to help with our list of festivals happening in Iowa. If you see something missing, tweet us @IPRStudioOne. To learn more about these festivals, and to hear interviews with many of the organizers, check out The B-Side, IPR’s music blog.

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A Luxury Hotel Guide To Malta

Surrounded by the jewel-blue Mediterranean Sea, the ancient country of Malta is a beautiful blend of exotic influences that extends into the luxury hospitality sector. From Italianate grand dames to discrete limestone townhouses, these stylish hotels render this pint-sized island archipelago an ideal spot for a quick-but-luxurious escape.

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Must-See Art Guide: Seoul

Let’s take a visit to Seoul this week. Summer’s around the corner, so we’re in that transitory period where there are a number of gallery shows either coming up or going down over the next month. Let’s take note of what’s out there and what warrants your attention.

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The essential guide to 21 of Boston’s best food trucks

We’re a few years separated from when food trucks felt novel and pioneering here in Boston, and dozens have come and gone. (City regulations don’t exactly help.) While that shiny-new-object sensation may have passed, something more important has taken its place: experience. The following food trucks have withstood the test of time, and have earned their place in the local dining landscape just as much as any brick-and-mortar. A few have even kicked off stationary mini-empires of their own. You can locate the trucks below on any given day with the City of Boston’s and City of Cambridge’s food truck schedules.

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