Music heals and fosters friendships at teen cancer survivor event at Boise Rock School

A cancer diagnosis can be an isolating experience to go through at any age, but especially as a teenager.

But one local group of survivors flexed their creative side Monday, and according to a rep from Camp Rainbow Gold, these awesome teens don’t want your pity– they want to be rockstars with their friends just like everybody else.

– 6 On Your Side

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3 Ways Music Heals the Soul

Modern society is teeming with stress. Given the extensive demands on both our personal and professional lives, this probably comes as no surprise. What might be surprising, however, is the discovery that ongoing stress over expanded periods of time can lead to certain irregularities in the stress response system. This, in turn, can give rise to a range of conditions including high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and depression. Thus, it is essential for people to be able to cope with stress on a daily basis.

Enter music therapy, which has been gaining increasing popularity as an effective way to combat stress. Using music to improve health has been well-documented. But how does listening to music actually relax us? This question was the focus of a recent study led by Kenichi Itao of Juntendo University in Japan. In order to pursue this inquiry, Itao and his collaborators built on previous research and devised an experimental procedure in which participants arrived at the laboratory, took a seat, completed a short test. From there, they listened to five minutes of silence, followed by three minutes of music, followed by five more minutes of silence.

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Why Fitness Is The New Hot Marketing Platform And Revenue Stream For Music

Earlier this month, Michael Simon, President and CEO of rights management company Harry Fox Agency (HFA), was taking an on-demand indoor cycling class with Peloton when the instructor started playing a song that Simon had never heard before, by a band he hadn’t had the chance to explore in greater depth.

The song was “Gettin’ Tighter” by iconic hard-rock band Deep Purple, from their 1975 album Come Taste the Band—the perfect addition to a ‘70s rock-themed workout.

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With Culinary Medicine, Doctors Are Finally Learning About Food

Culinary medicine enables doctors to talk with patients about how nutrition and food choices affect their health an

Imagine visiting a doctor for the first time. If you’re suffering from weight issues and seeking help with your exercise and eating habits, it’s only natural to fear you’ll get harangued with judgment. You may anticipate questions like “What do you eat?” and “How often do you exercise?”

But thanks to a new wave of physicians versed in culinary medicine, you’re more likely to hear this question: “What do you like to eat?”

“I think patients are afraid to talk about what they’re eating for fear they’ll be judged or scolded,” says Dr. Brian Nagle, a resident at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

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3 Foods You Probably Eat That Are Dangerous For Your Brain According To Science

max lugavere

Seven years ago, Max Lugavere was sitting at the dinner table when he asked his mother to pass the salt. The simple request should have take a fraction of a second, but it took his mother three or four. Those were the first signs that something was wrong. Within a few months, he and his brother found out that their mother had a form of dementia that was slowly decimating her cognitive functions.

Lugavere spent the next decade trying to understand what led this otherwise healthy woman to develop dementia, and if he was also at risk through some hereditary characteristic. Using his skills as a journalist, Lugavere traveled the world to track down experts who could shed some light and learned that the biggest contributor to his mother’s condition may have come from an unexpected source–food.

When it comes to food, there are countless theories about what’s healthy and unhealthy. However, as Lugavere soon discovered, even people who called themselves experts, often don’t use evidence-based research and are under trained on nutrition. Partnering with doctors and researchers, Lugavere created an evidence based owner’s manual for the human brain and food called Genius Foods, co-written with internal medicine physician and weight loss expert Paul Grewal, MD.

Lugavere’s research uncovered that these three foods are silent killers:

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As she battled and beat cancer, Kathryn Dyer found peace and passion through photography

In the latest episode of the sixth season of Adorama’s Through the Lens, the focus is on photographer Kathryn Dyer. Sacramento-based Dyer first forayed into the world of Instagram and became more serious about photography when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband bought a camera for them to share and take Kathryn’s mind off her battle with cancer through nature photography sessions.

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