17 Most Anticipated Hotel Openings Of 2019

In the Instagram age, where every colorful corner of the world is snapped, geotagged, posted and then becomes overcrowded, it’s a struggle to find something new. To help you stay ahead of the trends, Forbes Travel Guide’s editors searched north, south, east and west to find the hotels that everyone will be talking about in 2019.

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Top 5 hotels that will make you want to live in them forever

UAE has opted to turn the hotel experience topsy-turvy. This is achieved by creating amazing new concepts, incorporating technologies and building off of designs from world renown architects.

So AMEinfo decided to take a peek at some upcoming hotels in the UAE. They will astonish even the most seasoned traveler.

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Why many travel sites now show the same prices 10News

If you are planning your summer travel, you’re probably checking a number of travel sites, looking for the best deal on a hotel or resort.

But which site really offers the best deals? A new report may surprise you, because it claims the competition we would expect is largely gone as a result of mergers.

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As a previous hotel manager I can easily advise you to call the properties directly, not even their corporate websites can give you the service you can receive by dealing directly with the property’s staff.

This is especially true if you have a special request or a situation such as the room type you wanted is unavailable – the property itself might offer a discounted upgrade for the same night or have some other creative solution to the situation.  Third party booking sites will never work with you to find a solution – especially important if your dates are non-negotiable.

One more tip – if the property you are trying to book is indeed unavailable they may often be able to recommend  a similar property that is available.  Never hesitate to ask – the staff is there to serve you.  It’s in the name “Customer Service”.  🙂


World’s smallest hotels revealed | Daily Mail Online

There’s an intimate hotel – and then there’s a hotel with only one room.

Welcome to the world’s least roomiest lodgings, where guests have a choice of a handful of rooms, or just one.

From a hotel in Germany built in a very narrow alleyway to little lodgings on a rocky outcrop in the Canary Islands, these are the hotels where size is a definite consideration.

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