How This Instagram Artist Turned Her Passion for Fashion Into a Freelance Career

How This Instagram Artist Turned Her Passion for Fashion Into a Freelance Career

Like many millennials, Jeanette Getrost developed her aspirations first through television, then through social media. She was in junior high when the Style Network channel debuted, and tuning in led her to dream of a career in fashion. What her job would be, exactly, she wasn’t sure.

“I assumed that you could either be a designer or a model,” Getrost tells Entrepreneur. “I didn’t really understand the industry, so I would just draw clothing a lot. I didn’t know that fashion illustration was even a thing.”

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The Music Industry: From Piracy To Profits


Streaming is bringing money back to the music industry and affecting many related areas.

After being crushed by piracy for almost two decades, streaming is allowing users to have the experience they want at a price they can afford. Though music industry revenues are still below the peak levels of 1999, the past two years have been the first years of material growth since the peak with an increase in industry revenues of 16.5% in 2017.

To provide some background, the music industry has had a long battle against piracy, which dealt the recorded music business a tremendous number of setbacks. To this day, Napster has had the fastest user growth of any company in history, primarily due to the fact that they were illegally assisting in giving away a premium product for free. This caused nearly unstoppable piracy en masse, and within 10 years, revenues from the recorded industry saw a massive decline.

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How Fragmentation Is Hurting The Music Industry’s Developing Artists

The music industry has been in a rut for years — a $7 billion rut, to be exact. After a $15 billion peak in 1999, the industry watched its revenue slide until it plateaued at $7 billion in 2010, where it hovered for years. In 2016, the music industry finally saw an increase, notching a $7.65 billion year.

Streaming was credited for the turnaround, but the threat isn’t over. There’s a silent killer in the music industry that’s having a sinister impact on up-and-coming artists: fragmentation. Independent musicians work with so many different service providers that the ultimate outcome of all their efforts is confusion — and an uphill battle.

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Sarasota man strings together 200 years of music history


Black Diamond Strings have been the standard in the music industry for more than a century. The brand is cemented in legend through songs by artists like Florida native Tom Petty.

“Going down to Lillian’s Music Store, to buy a Black Diamond String,” are the lyrics to his song Dreamville.

Eighteen years ago, Jim Cavanaugh made the purchase that secured his company’s place in music history.

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Eight Ways Commercial Space Travel Will Change Things

Space travel for everyone can be a little difficult to image with our current technology levels. However, companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are working to make it happen.

We asked members of the Forbes Technology Council what they thought the future of commercial space travel might look like, and what it could mean for the future of technology. The answers suggested breathtaking new opportunities for humans and for the commerce in general, given time and focus.

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How The Travel Industry Is Cutting Down on Single-Use Plastics

From the EU’s May 2018 proposed ban on plastics to reduce ocean litter, to Australia’s recent prohibiting of plastic bags, the environmental impact of plastic waste has been gaining awareness worldwide.

The travel industry has also been taking notice.

From eliminating straws to switching shower amenities, tourism and hospitality companies are implementing initiatives to reduce and even eliminate their inclusion of single-use plastic products. Here is a sampling of endeavors now under way across different sectors.

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Music’s ‘Moneyball’ moment: why data is the new talent scout

The music industry loves to self-mythologise. It especially loves to mythologise about taking young scrappers from the streets and turning them into stars. It celebrates the men and women — but usually the men — with “golden ears” almost as much as the people making the music.

Take the most famous signing story of modern times, the one in which Oasis blagged their way on to the bill at a Glasgow club show in May 1993, where they were seen by Alan McGee of Creation Records, who signed them and made them the biggest band in Britain.

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48 Music Biz Jobs of Tomorrow — And How to Get Them

48 Music Biz Jobs of Tomorrow -- And How to Get Them

he CD-peddling, gatekeeper-guarded record industry is dead. But the meme-crafting, data-mining, spon-con-placing, royalty-chasing, wearable-designing, Chipotle-playlist-making industry is thriving, and to get a piece of the action, you’ll need a very particular set of skills — and some clue where to start. That’s what you’ll find below: dozens of dream jobs in five categories, with the people who scored them explaining how they got there (and just what it is they do all day).

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