12 things you should know before traveling to Italy for the first time

leaning tower of pisa italy

Somewhat spontaneously and mostly out of sheer exhaustion, my significant other and I booked a nine-day trip to Italy. Partly due to the fact we had booked our tickets a few weeks before our trip, we didn’t prepare ourselves the way we normally do before traveling to another country.

Here are 12 things that you absolutely need to know before traveling to Italy if you’ve never been before.

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Travel: Venice, city of love

Known as the city of love, Venice is the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region. Its mix of Italian Renaissance art, distinctive Byzantine-influenced architecture and interconnected canals make it a truly enchanting place to explore.

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Street Art Is Used to Bring Life to This Small Depopulated Italian Village

2501 for CVTà Street Fest

For the third year, street artists invaded a small village in central Italy, transforming it into a cultural playground over the course of four days. Civitacampomarano, located in Italy’s underpopulated Molise region, has seen its population dwindle from 3,500 after World War II to less than a hundred who call the village home today. Since 2016, CVTà Street Fest has aimed to use street art in order to spotlight the charm and history of the village.

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Art experts claim to have found Leonardo da Vinci’s earliest painting

Art experts claim to have found Leonardo da Vinci’s earliest painting

Experts in Italy say they have found the earliest surviving work by Leonardo da Vinci.

The small glazed terracotta tile, described as a self-portrait of the artist as the Archangel Gabriel, was unveiled at a press conference in Rome on Thursday.

Professor Ernesto Solari worked with handwriting expert Ivana Bonfantino to analyze the majolica tile. Citing the experts, the Telegraph reports that infrared analysis revealed a tiny signature on the jawline of the angel’s face. When the detail was magnified, it read “Da Vinci Lionardo” and the date “1471.”

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YouTube Music and Premium come to Canada and the UK

As expected, Google has announced that YouTube Music and YouTube Premium will continue its global rollout, coming to 11 more countries. The list of nations now able to take advantage of the two platforms has swelled to include the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Italy and Spain.

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