The Only 3 Full-Frame Lenses You Need for Travel Photography

For the photographers whose studio extends far beyond the four walls, and for jetsetters and road warriors who are called to a life of travel photography, full-frame lenses are key. Any photographer loves new glass and photography is like any passion or hobby — there are so many amazing, shiny tools that can get a job done.

But when you’re traveling, it’s not just about performance, but also weight, versatility, and durability. You can’t just pack up everything including the kitchen sink. You have to choose your tools wisely and shoot simply while on the road. So here is a list of the top travel lenses for photographers ready to capture and photograph the world.

But before I go into discussing the list, I want to give a quick tip that I’ve learned over the years when I travel: unless your job requires it, leave the prime lenses at home. While there are some fantastic options out there, especially for portrait photography, prime lenses lack the versatility and range of a zoom lens. Every trip I’ve gone on, I’ve always brought a prime, and every time, it’s gone unused because I have more reliable, versatile lenses I grab first. Save yourself the extra weight and skip the prime lenses for job on the road.

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Photographer Johan Lolos captures Europe’s most beautiful mountains


Europe is home to some incredible landscapes — from the vast splendor of the Alps to the volcanic terrain of Iceland.

These spectacular destinations are just some of the highlights of Johan Lolos’ new book “Peaks of Europe” — a photographic essay documenting mountains across his home continent.

Belgium-born Lolos has traveled the world, but in 2017 he decided to work a little closer to home.

“After three years of intense travel, I just realized that maybe I should try and focus more on my own continent,” he tells CNN Travel. “Europe had a lot to offer, lots of varied landscapes.”

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When Landscape Photography Goes Wrong

There’s no better feeling in the world for a landscape photographer than watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset light up the sky with an array of colors. There’s no worse feeling than not being able to take advantage of that lighting and going home empty-handed.

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7 landscape photography tips Nigel Danson wishes he knew from the beginning

While looking through old photos, photographer Nigel Danson realized how far he has come as an artist. In addition to this realization, Danson also considered what sort of lessons he wished he had learned earlier on in the process. In his latest video, seen below, he shares seven simple photography tips he wishes he knew sooner. Hopefully they’ll help beginner photographers progress faster and avoid some mistakes many of us make along the way.


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