Food for fines is helping local agencies fill gap in declining summer food donations

I SERIOUSLY love this idea.  More communities should give it a try.

The Yuma County Library District’s “Food for Fines” program is back and it’s helping out in a major way.

Three years ago, the Yuma County Library District realized that several children were not able to participate in their summer reading program due to pending fines on their accounts. Their solution was to add a summer addition to the Food for Fines program.

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Books boom back – Kids rule in libraries

From the library service — with more than 330 branch libraries and 31 of the mobile variety — comes news that should be celebrated in homes and schools across the country. Its report on borrowings for last year show that most of the top 20 borrowed books were titles for children. Only one novel for adults is in the top 10 list.

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How you can help the Evansville library preserve local music


Every community should do this – and the already well-established library system is the perfect path to get it accomplished!

Nathan Jochum had the idea of building a local music database for about three years.

It’s never really been the right time, until now. Through the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library musicians will have a place to showcase their work, singles, full albums or video, in the Pocket City Music Preserve.  Continue reading “How you can help the Evansville library preserve local music”

“A Home #Library Built for 10000 (Or So) Books”

How lucky! I’d love to have something like this.  If you’re community has a great library perhaps you feel it’s not as necessary but there is something about it that has always made me want to have a room dedicated to all my favorite books and a lovely place to read them.

One can dream!!  🙂

Melba and Ted Whatley's home library in Austin

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