Why Fitness Is The New Hot Marketing Platform And Revenue Stream For Music

Earlier this month, Michael Simon, President and CEO of rights management company Harry Fox Agency (HFA), was taking an on-demand indoor cycling class with Peloton when the instructor started playing a song that Simon had never heard before, by a band he hadn’t had the chance to explore in greater depth.

The song was “Gettin’ Tighter” by iconic hard-rock band Deep Purple, from their 1975 album Come Taste the Band—the perfect addition to a ‘70s rock-themed workout.

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The Way You Respond To Music May Be Linked To Success, A New Study Suggests

In today’s world, we see how tech and science has dominated and shaped our lives. There is no doubt that innovation in those disciplines has redefined our understanding of what innovation really means. As we look around us, we see that our world was transformed by computers, gadgets, as well as the various apps associated with them. The areas of medicine, as well as finance, have been revolutionized by STEM. For example, most recently, immunotherapies have shed light on how we can eradicate various disease, while advances in fintech have introduced new ways of thinking about money through the creation of digital currencies. It is easy to see that innovation, and thereby careers, in the mathematical and technical sciences require a very specialized type of abstract thinking and problem-solving. This is intelligence is also emphasized in our education system, and measured by various tests. It is known as IQ. Although this types of skill is an important one and high IQ may be a predictor of success, there is also another type of intelligence that recently came under the spotlight. This type of intelligence is known as the EQ or the emotional quotient. Sometimes people refer to the IQ as the hard skills while they refer to EQ as the soft-skills.

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Michigan family sells their home to travel the world with young daughter

Source: WXMI

A Michigan couple and their young daughter are trading in their careers to travel the world and grow closer as a family.

Ben and Kelly Lutz are selling their home and heading to Europe. Then they’re going to Southeast Asia, then to Germany and then likely a few more stops before heading back to the mitten state.

The young couple, along with their young daughter Liesel, is taking a break from the rat race and traveling the world.

“House is gone, jobs are gone,” they said.

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How The Habitas Brand Is Changing The Way We Travel

Last year, when Habitas opened its lifestyle hotel in the hippie beach town of Tulum, Mexico, it offered everything, and more, for a savvy Millennial traveller. Not only was it built in collaboration with local carpenters and artisans (thus ticking the ‘give-back’ box), it also made sure that sustainability was key with its environmentally-aware ethos, that has become all-important to the way many of us want to travel.

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Photographer fights fear, anxieties from behind the camera lens

Melanie Parent's "A Distance Nearer Home" photography

For more than 20 years, fear and anxiety ruled Melanie Parent’s life.

The northwest Louisiana native avoided going out in public whenever possible, afraid of what dangers may lie in wait for her outside.

“I wouldn’t leave the house. I wouldn’t travel. I was afraid of going on trips,” Parent said. “I was afraid of getting into a car accident.”

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10 vegan menu items you need to try at your favorite fast-food chains


Eating out as a vegan can difficult. Salads get boring and sandwiches stuffed with lettuce and not much else are bland and unappetizing. Luckily, popular fast food chains like Taco Bell and Domino’s have started catering to a vegan-specific audience. Although the options are limited, this is a delicious step in the right direction.

We rounded up some of the vegan options you can take advantage of at your favorite chains.

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Local teen hopes to create a happier world through music, poetry

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — If you’re going to pray, don’t worry. If you’re going to worry, don’t pray. One recent high school graduate truly believes that, which is why it’s one of her favorite sayings. She prays a lot. She writes a lot. She sings a lot, and she smiles a whole lot. People who know her think that’s what makes her a ray of sunshine.

Her name is Ke’J Taylor, and she turned 18 in February. Thirteen years earlier, at the age of five, she says that’s when she started writing poetry.

“As I learned more, experienced more and started to face some of life’s challenges, the poetry got deeper,” said Taylor.

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“Submit music for ailing musician’s song lyrics, ‘Simon’s Hero'”

This would be such a nice gift to give. Please consider if you have the time & talent.

Essence Goldman visits Bernie Dalton at Cupertino Healthcare & Wellness in April. Dalton has given permission for his song’s lyrics to be used. Photo: Guy Wathen / The Chronicle

Bernie Dalton was an avid Santa Cruz surfer and aspiring songwriter when he lost his ability to sing and was diagnosed with bulbar-onset ALS, an aggressive disease that affects swallowing, speech and respiration. But he found someone to bring his music to life in his vocal instructor, Essence Goldman.

Since The Chronicle wrote about their story in May, Dalton’s condition has deteriorated. Having developed trouble digesting food and breathing, the 49-year-old was moved from his care facility in Cupertino to Stanford University Medical Center, where last week he received a tracheostomy and new feeding tube.

“He is still being strong, but I see a different look in his eyes now,” Goldman, a San Francisco singer-songwriter, said. “He’s living for his music to reach people. And, of course, for Nicole.”

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