The Best Packing Tips From One-Bag Travel Fanatics

Packing cubes help you pack tighter, which is key when you're one-bagging it.

If you aren’t familiar with one-bagging, it’s the practice of packing so light and minimalist for travel that everything can be carried on your body in a single wheelless bag that meets international size and weight requirements, whether you’re gone for a weekend or a month.

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10 Smart Travel Accessories That’ll Make Your Upcoming Travels A Breeze

Packing for a trip can be absolutely dreadful. On the one hand, choosing a gorgeous place to stay, researching fun activities, and bookmarking Instagram-worthy spots are part of the fun. On the other hand, packing is probably the least amusing part when it comes to preparing for a trip. It’s so easy to overpack whenever you’re trying to plan the best outfit and accessories for everything on your itinerary. At the same time, you don’t want to under-pack and leave the things you need most behind. Packing is an art. Fortunately, there are some smart travel accessories that you can pack to make your travels a breeze.

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Travel Secrets: Have More Fun, Less Hassle On Your Next Vacation

I love active travel and am a big fan of ski trips, bike trips, and lots of other adventures, but the one thing these and many other sport-centric vacations, from golf to snowboarding, have in common is the hassle factor of traveling with gear. And even if you are just taking a relaxing vacation, luggage has increasingly become one of the most annoying parts of the travel experience, as airlines continue to raise prices and charge fees, in some cases even for carry-ons. This practice was at first limited to smaller deep discount carriers who make up for low prices with all sorts of extra surcharges, but now even the major carriers are selling no-frills tickets – think of it as “economy minus” – that doesn’t allow a carry-on.

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