How Reddit Helped This Author Sell Hundreds Of Books Almost Overnight

Author Seth McDuffee will never forget when his novel briefly surpassed The Martian as the top-selling book on Amazon’s humorous science fiction category in mid-December. This was no small feat considering Andy Weir’s novel has lingered around countless bestseller lists since his book was adapted into the hit film of the same name in 2015. McDuffee owes much of his literary success to Reddit, where he cultivated and marketed the story that would become Good Boy, the tale of a loud-mouthed, quick-witted so-and-so who dies during a zombie apocalypse.

– Forbes

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10 Dos and Don’ts for Creating a Music Website

lacimoodv3 10 Dos and Donts for Creating a Music Website

What does it take to design an effective music website? To find out, Consequence of Sound called up designer Laci Jordan, whose portfolio of work includes content for Disney Imagineering, ABC, and Creative Artists Agency. During our chat, she shared her dos and don’ts, and told me why she recommends Squarespace, the all-in-one website builder that she used to create the eye-catching, easy-to-navigate websites for artists ranging from Sharon Van Etten to Jamila Woods.

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How Red Bull Became One Of The Most Respected Brands In Music

We live in the era of branded partnership and sponsored content. With Google and Facebook reaping the lion’s share of online ads, media companies have scrambled to partner with major corporations to buoy their bottom lines. It’s a reality that can be often grotesque, as brands and media entities often maintain starkly clashing ideas about editorial integrity, taste, and the reader experience. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, you wind up watching Lady Gaga in a 60-foot Doritos vending machine at SXSW.

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Myths of a Successful Photographer

Myths of a Successful Photographer

When it comes to being a successful professional photographer, there are certainly many misconceptions. Knowing what some of these misconceptions are and how to avoid them can help take your business to the next level.

When a photographer finds a passion for photography and decides that they want to take that passion and make a living out of it, photo enthusiasts can be zealous to start their own business. If a photographer doesn’t have a strong background in business and marketing, the journey to becoming successful can take many detours and ultimately may result in frustration and abandonment. Here are a few common misconceptions about successful photographers and what you can avoid on your road to success.

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What’s Driving Nonprofits into the Art World’s Arms

Installation view of the NRDC’s booth at Expo Chicago. Photo by Justin Barbin. Courtesy of Expo Chicago.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is one of America’s preeminent environmental organizations, known for its aggressive litigation and scientific expertise. Not, in other words, a likely exhibitor at Expo Chicago, the art fair where it occupied a booth alongside galleries such as David Zwirner and local doyenne Rhona Hoffman. Continue reading “What’s Driving Nonprofits into the Art World’s Arms”