The Most Affordable Destinations For Your 2019 World Adventures

As we’ve said many times before: Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s always a way to get someplace new without breaking the bank. Sometimes it’s bidding your time and shopping the flights. Sometimes it’s eating out of grocery stores instead of restaurants. Sometimes it’s couch-surfing your way from city to city. Often it’s a combination of all of the above. One surefire way to assure that you save money is to go to a place that’s already cheap.



How to Set Up Your 2019 Travel Budget

Setting up a travel budget is simple. I’m sharing the process that my husband and I use, but it’s essential to make it your own. The three foundational rules to remember: Decide where you want to go, determine roughly how much it will cost, and then figure out how much you need to save each month to make the trip happen. From there, you can add elements that are specific to your lifestyle and goals.

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I Spent $1K Per Month Traveling The World & Here’s How I Did It

I spent a year traveling the world on $1000 a month. It’s normal for people to take a look at my Instagram and assume that I come from money. They assume that I’m traveling on Daddy’s dime, whether that be my actual father or a sugar daddy. The reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, travel costs money like everything else. However, most people don’t realize that travel can be affordable AF. I wasn’t sleeping in five-star resorts, but I was traveling the world, and that’s all I ever wanted. I spent $1000 per month traveling the world, and here’s how I did it.

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Travel scam warning: 14 classic scams travellers fall for

Tuk tuks are a common form of transport where travellers get scammed.

You will get scammed. That’s a fact. It’s an inevitability. If you choose to travel the world, to go to far-flung and interesting places, then you will, at some point, get scammed. You will get tricked out of your money. It will happen.

There’s no shame in it. I’ve been scammed on multiple occasions in various different countries. I’ve been tricked by cab drivers and swindled by “students”. I’ve been taken for a ride by friendly people, and fooled by a few nasty ones.

When you travel, you’re at a point of weakness. You’re a stranger in a strange land. You don’t know how this place works. You want to be polite and respectful. You don’t want to cause a fuss. You might be jetlagged or hungover or just completely discombobulated by this whole experience. And that’s when the scammers swoop.

If you love to travel, there’s a very good chance you would have been done by a few of these classic tricks.

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These Crypto Nomads Are Using Bitcoin (And Ether) To Travel The World

Bitcoin. Litecoin. Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency. What was once seen as a tech fad is now being considered one of the top investment vehicles in the world. Kim Kardashian is even getting into BTC now.

But as speculation drives prices high and low, a small group of enthusiasts are still dedicated to using these currencies for actual monetary exchanges. Call them the crypto nomads.

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9 best insider tricks to help you travel super cheap

These are the best ways to travel the world for super cheap

Traveling isn’t cheap. I’ve traveled to 113 countries over six continents on a budget, and I’m constantly looking for new ways to save a buck on my next adventure.

There are cardinal rules to saving money on travel, like being flexible with travel dates, staying at Airbnbs, using frequent flier miles and going during the off season, but here are nine less obvious things you should do on your next trip to maximize savings.

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Budget for travel, tips and advice: Travel’s eight most expensive hobbies

Sailing the Greek Islands - not a cheap pasttime.

It’s not as if travel isn’t already expensive enough. This pursuit is a pricey one. It’s the sort of passion that quickly drains your finances, that eats up the bulk of your savings.

What are you spending your money on? Holidays. Always holidays. Catching flights, staying in hotels, eating in restaurants, getting from place to place – this stuff adds up.

And then, you go and add something more to it. You combine another hobby, another passion, with your love of travel. You take something else that’s really expensive, and you make it part of your holiday experience. You add extra gear; expensive gear. You necessitate pricey locations. You add exclusivity.

I’m a huge fan of combining your passions with your holidays; however, if you happen to be into any of the following, you’ll find your finances dwindling even faster than usual.

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Need Money to Make Your Film, Play, or Series? Check Out These Opportunities

Need Money to Make Your Film, Play, or Series? Check Out These Opportunities

When trying to break into the business, it may often feel like the deck is stacked against you. But for every closed door you encounter, there is a window of opportunity—as long as you know where to look. That’s where we come in! In these roundups, Backstage will compile the best opportunities in writing, directing, and every other creative corner, to help you get where you’re going.

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