Fresh Take: Say goodbye to the elitist art scene. The future of art is street murals and graffiti.

As Cleveland artist Loren Naji sees it, the art world should be an inclusive place—with his recent CAN’T Triennial event embodying that philosophy. As FreshWater caps off its Arts & Culture-themed month, we asked Naji to share his thoughts on where the art world is headed…and why he thinks stuffy museums and exhibitions will soon be the stuff of the past.

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20 Curators Taking a Cutting-Edge Approach to Art History

The word “curate” has been borrowed by a wide range of industries, so it’s easy to forget what it actually entails. At museums, curators do much more than put together enticing selections of objects. Yes, they’re charged with choosing the art that we see and the way we see it, but they’re also guardians of cultural heritage; experts in niche pockets of art history; interpreters of priceless works of art; and, in some cases, deft navigators of international diplomacy and import laws. They might travel the world to secure artwork loans from private collections, or work with technologists to develop digital tools that enhance the museum experience.

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