She makes sure unwanted food gets to hungry Americans

CNN Hero Maria Rose Belding

Maria Rose Belding grew up working in her church’s food pantry in her small Iowa hometown.

“Jesus said, ‘For I was hungry and you fed me.’ … Stacking cans was my answer to this call,” Belding said.
As she got older, Belding realized that feeding the hungry wasn’t as easy as it should be. The pantry’s shelves overflowed with some items while other foods were desperately needed.

In 2009, when she was 14, the pantry received a huge donation of macaroni and cheese that was more than the community could use, and she saw how hard it was to contact other charities that could take it.

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From DJs to murals, this program is expanding Louisville’s arts scene

Jared Zarantonello, left, works with Brjay Nyuki, during

Beats and melodies overlap and intersect, bumping into one another, much like the global artists mixing them. The lilts and cadences of many accents color the voices recording in the studio, singing in combinations of Swahili, English, and sometimes their own tribal dialects.

Every Monday, young refugees and immigrants come together for this DJing workshop, Mixing Matters, to bring the rhythms of their country to life within a little red-brick building on Shelby Street.

“Probably 95 percent of students are new to the country,” said Jarden Zarantonello, one of the organizers at Rhythm Science Sound, which puts on the workshops. “The majority are refugees.”

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Warner Bros. Partners With Young Storytellers, Ghetto Film School, LAUSD on Filmmaking Programs

warner bros. first cut student showcase

Warner Bros. has partnered with the Los Angeles Unified School District and nonprofits Young Storytellers and Ghetto Film School to create two in-school programs, Story Lab and First Cut, in an effort to cultivate the next generation of storytellers and filmmakers.

The programs are spearheaded by the studio’s social impact platform, WB Good. The initiatives have already had a test run through 10-week programs piloted in 16 middle and high schools across Los Angeles. The partnership offers students the chance to gain awareness of career opportunities in the entertainment business and storytelling skills that could be a stepping stone to work as writers and filmmakers. More than 30 teachers and 1,500 students took part in the pilot programs that will continue in the 2018-19 school year.

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Mighty Writers sends 100 Spanish-language children’s books to immigrants detained in Berks County

Picking up a bookmark reading, “You have friends in the United States // Tienes un amigo en los Estados Unidos,” 10-year-old Jocylyn began to draw a pink and yellow flower amid the printed lettering. Next, she drew a sun, followed by a line of blue rain, finishing with a grassy layer beneath the flower’s stem.

“The flower is starting to fall, but then the rain comes down onto it and gives it strength to pick itself back up,” said Jocylyn. “I want the kid who sees this to feel the same way.”

Jocylyn was one of 30 Latino children who gathered at Mighty Writers’ El Futuro location on Thursday to craft personal messages and designs on 700 bookmarks. Destined for immigrant detention centers across the country, each bookmark will be paired with a Spanish-language children’s book and sent out by Mighty Writers, a local nonprofit that works to develop writing skills among youths at six Philadelphia locations.

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Local organization launches online book-donation platform

Madison Reading Project

A local nonprofit organization has launched an online book-donation platform that allows donors to buy a diverse range of books for underserved children in Madison.

The Madison Reading Project, an organization that provides children’s books and programming to underserved children, teamed up with Collaboration for Good, a communications group that supports other social welfare efforts, to create the online donation platform.

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What’s Driving Nonprofits into the Art World’s Arms

Installation view of the NRDC’s booth at Expo Chicago. Photo by Justin Barbin. Courtesy of Expo Chicago.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is one of America’s preeminent environmental organizations, known for its aggressive litigation and scientific expertise. Not, in other words, a likely exhibitor at Expo Chicago, the art fair where it occupied a booth alongside galleries such as David Zwirner and local doyenne Rhona Hoffman. Continue reading “What’s Driving Nonprofits into the Art World’s Arms”