How Online Video Is Becoming Like The Music Business For Its Creators

One rueful joke about the long-suffering music business holds that it’s a great place to make money … doing something else.

That’s to say that when you record an album, you won’t make much directly from even a hit song. Indeed, though streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have revived recorded-music revenue to the levels of a decade ago, few musicians are getting rich from their online streams.

Exene Cervenka of X told me a year ago that she might get a check of less than $500 for a million streams of one of her songs. The return on investment is so poor, she said, that she and her bandmates had decided not to record new albums because they could make more money in less time from concerts.

And that’s indeed where the money has gone in music (at least for musicians): live performances, merchandising and licensing of songs for TV shows, movies or commercials.

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A new cryptocurrency art auction is selling shares in an Andy Warhol painting

A new kind of art auction is taking paintings out of the picture. You can go online and buy shares in an iconic Andy Warhol work using cryptocurrency—but the physical object will not hang in your home, and you can’t own it all.

Today (June 20), the first such blockchain art auction begins. Up for sale is a 1980 Warhol silkscreen called 14 Small Electric Chairs. Only 49% of the painting—so just under 7 small electric chairs—is available for purchase. The other 51% will remain with the current owner, Eleesa Dadiani. That means she’ll hold chief control over the artwork, but offer digital certificates of ownership to successful bidders.

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Local organization launches online book-donation platform

Madison Reading Project

A local nonprofit organization has launched an online book-donation platform that allows donors to buy a diverse range of books for underserved children in Madison.

The Madison Reading Project, an organization that provides children’s books and programming to underserved children, teamed up with Collaboration for Good, a communications group that supports other social welfare efforts, to create the online donation platform.

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Google Enters Deal With Carrefour to Sell Food Online in France

Alphabet Inc.’s Google entered a deal with Carrefour SA to sell groceries online in France in what the retailer said was the first time fresh food will be marketed through the Internet giant’s platforms.

By early 2019, French shoppers will be able to buy Carrefour’s products through Google platforms including Home, Assistant and the Google shopping destination in France, the retailer said in a statement. Carrefour didn’t comment on the financial structure of the deal.

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How to Stay Cyber Secure When You Travel This Summer

Many people are planning to take vacations this summer, and while getting away is fun, having your identity stolen while you lay on a beach in Bora Bora blissfully unaware is decidedly less so. Careful prep before and during your vacation can help keep your holiday a fun one.

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