The Photographer Turning His Lens on America’s Illegal Wildlife Trade


Animal heads; snakeskin boots; fur coats; zebra-foot lamps; these are just a few of the items Tristan Spinski captures in his powerful series, The Reliquary, which has been shortlisted in this year’s Sony World Photography Awards. In spring 2017, The New York Times commissioned the American photographer to photograph at the National Wildlife Property Repository near Denver, Colorado, a warehouse full of illegal animal parts and products seized across the United States. There are approximately 1.3 million items in the warehouse’s inventory, but this is just a fraction of the number that passes back and forth in the unlawful wildlife trade.

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6 Steps to Start Your Photography Business

#6 Steps to Start Your Photography Business

Setting up your own business is no small feat. As an aspiring photographer, the number one question on one’s mind is, How to setup a foolproof photography business? With almost everyone having a good camera setting up your own business may seem like a breeze. However in reality photography is an art as much as drawing, painting or music. Knowing the right techniques such as observation of light, balanced composition, color theory, rhythm, aesthetics and form is not enough. Here are some helpful tips for starting your very own photography business.

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