The Beatles – a teenage photographer’s shots

Shots of The Beatles’ first US concerts are expected to sell for £250,000 at auction. Mike Mitchell, 18 at the time, snapped hundreds of never-before-seen photographs of the band’s performances at the Washington Coliseum and the Baltimore Civic Centre in 1964. The negatives, taken only with ambient light as Mitchell had no flash, have sat for decades in his basement.

Ringo Starr, in one of a series of shots of The Beatles’ first US concert tour

More photos & Info available at: The Guardian

“Stunning Photos Capture One Man’s 40-Day Trip Across New Zealand”

Wow – good stuff. As if I didn’t want to visit NZ badly enough already…

Florian Wenzel New Zealand Travel Photography

German photographer Florian Wenzel recently spent 40 days traveling through New Zealand, taking in its gorgeous landscape. Wenzel not only returned home with unforgettable memories, but a set of breathtaking photographs that demonstrate why New Zealand is a photographer’s paradise. Continue reading ““Stunning Photos Capture One Man’s 40-Day Trip Across New Zealand””

One Nation, Behind Bars: Examining Prison Culture Through Photography

Forty years ago the situation in U.S. prisons was still, in some ways, normal. The War on Drugs was yet to begin (1982); federal mandatory minimum sentences were not yet in place (1986), though some states had gotten a jump on the concept — notably New York, where the Rockefeller Drug Laws took effect in 1973. Since then, the U.S. prison and jail population has ballooned fivefold, reaching some 2.3 million people now (of whom 40 percent are Black and 19 percent Latino), plus many more on parole or probation. Mass incarceration — and the explosion of related businesses that make up the prison-industrial complex — is entrenched in American life. In the late Seventies, by contrast, in some facilities and if you looked the right way, prison life could seem borderline quaint. Continue reading “One Nation, Behind Bars: Examining Prison Culture Through Photography”

“7 Steps to Get Started With Macro Photography”

Street & Macro are my favorite methods. Unfortunately, they’re not always my best :).

Maybe you just read Kafka’s Metamorphosis and completely missed the point. Or maybe landscapes are just too vast and expansive for you. Whatever it may be, you want to expand your photography horizons and macro photography is something you’ve been interested in.   Continue reading ““7 Steps to Get Started With Macro Photography””