“How an Elaborate International Scam is Making the Rounds Among Instagrammers and Photographers”

This sounds like a really well-done scam that could fool many, including professionals. Please read if you are in the photography industry at any level.

It all started with an email from Wendi Murdoch. She claimed that she had found us through a personal recommendation from a senior editor at Conde Naste Traveler. We had just finished talking with Conde Nast Traveler about doing some Instagram featured work on both my and Zory’s accounts, so the timing made sense.

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Becoming a Professional Photographer by Taking Shortcuts

People will tell you there are no shortcuts, but that is only true if you think a shortcut is a magic “Masterpiece” mode in your camera or a special action in Photoshop.

Going from point A to point B is the ultimate goal. If you have already reached your destination it doesn’t matter how short or how long the path has been. You’ve made it! However, if you are at the beginning of your journey, it’s good to know the shortcuts, because there are many other goals to achieve in this life than spending it only on one. The shortcut is the ability to focus only only on the things that truly matter and make a huge difference.

– Fstoppers

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Why a Master Photographer Went Digital After 55 Years

THE RENOWNED FILM photographer Ralph Gibson was lying in his shrink’s office in lower Manhattan a few years back, brooding. FedEx had knocked on his door that morning, delivering a digital camera the company Leica asked him to try out. But Gibson, in his mid-seventies, wasn’t sure he wanted to: He’d been shooting analog for 55 years. “I don’t know what to do with this,” he said.


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What Is the Real Meaning of Photography

A surprising omission and sudden need to fill a gap led me to an important revelation.

What is a photograph? Is it a collection of ones and zeros that comprise a digital image? Is it a reaction of chemicals that settle to reveal an artist’s vision through light and shadow? Or, is it simply a product? A way to make money by monetizing the needs of the market.

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These 5 travel destinations are fighting back against the “Instagram Effect”

As the Instagram Effect continues into 2019, destinations are coming up with ways to fight back–and fight off the teeming hoards of selfie-stick-wielding visitors. Photogenic destinations like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Cinque Terre, and Santorini are starting to limit how and when tourists visit in hopes of preserving the landmarks for the future.

– Fast Company

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